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Supply of a specialized early warning system
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation UZB10 - RFQ-013-20   Click here to participate
Office :UNDP Country Office - UZBEKISTAN
Deadline :25-Mar-20 @ 01:00 AM (New York time)
Posted on :04-Mar-20 @ 10:36 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  
Reference Number :63965
Link to Atlas Project :
00066434 - Developing climate resilience
Overview :

Please note that deadline for submission of quotes has been extended until 25 March 2020, 01:00AM EDT.

Настоящим информируем Вас, что крайний срок подачи предложения продлен до 25 марта 2020 г, 01:00 (GMT -5) по Нью-Йоркскому времени.


Dear Sir / Madam,

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for Supply of a specialized early warning complex for the republican, regional and facility levels, considering the availability of computers of the customer, as well as for commissioning and personnel training, as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ.  When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2. 

Quotations may be submitted on or before NYC time 01:00 (GMT -5), March 18, 2020 and via eTendering system to the address below:

Username: event.guest

Password: why2change

 BU Code: UZB10 and Event ID number: RFQ-013-20

Once uploaded, Bidders that have accepted the invitation in the system will be notified via e-mail that changes have occurred. It is responsibility of the Bidder to view the respective changes and clarifications in the system.

Please Consult eTendering Resources for Bidders for additional information on bidding:

Any request for additional information or queries must be sent/addressed to Procurement Unit three business days prior to the deadline in writing to


We appreciate you interest to our Tender.


Yours Sincerely,


Procurement Unit



Уважаемый г-н / г-жа!

Просим Вас представить свое Предложение на Поставку специализированного комплекса раннего предупреждения для республиканского, регионального и объектового уровней с учетом наличия компьютеров у Заказчика, а также на проведение пусконаладочных работ и обучения персонала, согласно Приложения 1 данного Запроса.

Предложения должны быть представлены не позднее 01:00 (GMT -5) по Нью-Йоркскому времени, 18 марта 2020 г. через систему eTendering по указанному ниже адресу: 

Username: event.guest 

Password: why2change

BU Code: UZB10 and Event ID number:  RFQ-013-20

После загрузки, участники торгов, принявшие приглашение в системе, будут уведомлены по электронной почте об изменениях. Участник несет ответственность за просмотр соответствующих изменений и разъяснений в системе.

Please Consult eTendering Resources for Bidders for additional information on bidding:

Вопросы касательно тендера должны быть отправлены в письменном виде до окончания срока тендера на


Благодарим Вас за проявленный интерес.

С уважением,

Отдел Закупок

Please note that this procurement process is being conducted through the online tendering system of UNDP. Bidders who wish to submit an offer must be registered in the system. Visit this page for system user guides and videos in different languages:

If already registered, go to and sign in using your username and password. Use "Forgotten password" link if you do not remember your password. Do not create a new profile.

If you have never registered in the system before, you can register by visiting the above link, sign in with username below, and follow the instructions in the user guide:
  • Username: event.guest
  • Password: why2change

If you are interested to participate in this Tender, it is strongly recommended that you log in and subscribe to the Tender using "Accept Invitation" feature so you can keep updated with Tender amendments including deadline. Note that in case of inconsistencies between information in eTendering system and other premises, information in eTendering system prevails.