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Design, Development, and Delivery of an online executive education programme
Procurement Process :EOI - Expression of interest
Office :Talent Development Unit, Office of Human Resources - DENMARK
Deadline :19-Mar-20
Posted on :06-Mar-20
Reference Number :64047
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00101865 - OHR Learning Reserve
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Overview :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invites vendors to express interest in participating in the bid for a potential award of a contract for the design, development, and delivery, of an online Global Senior Management Leadership Development Programme.

Case Reference:                                               TDU-2020-EOI-001

Call for EOIs/Prequalification Issue date       6 March 2020

Call for EOIs/Prequalification Closing date   19 March 2020 6pm Denmark Time Zone


A. Background Information:

For UNDP to achieve its strategic priorities as outlined in various strategic documents (e.g. UNDP’s Strategic Plan, People Strategy “People for 2030”, Digital Transformation Strategy), it is reliant on the quality of leadership development for senior leaders in the organization. These leadership skills and capabilities are key factors in facilitating further growth and success, for our senior leaders, and the organization at large.

UNDP currently offers a variety of corporate-wide leadership and people management development programmes targeting senior leaders, mid and junior managers. These programmes are delivered in partnership with various business schools and learning organizations (vendors) These are blended learning programmes with a strong focus on virtual delivery and the application of the learning for increased business impact.

In addition to UNDP’s current corporate portfolio, we intend to include an online customized programme for our senior leaders at the Deputy Resident Representative (DRR) level.  DRRs have the second most senior role in UNDP’s country offices around the globe (about 130 people).

The blended programme of virtual masterclasses (modules) providing cutting-edge leadership development. For these masterclasses, we envision pre-work / assignments as well as relevant learning materials. We will work with the selected partner to finalize the topics. Topics could include e.g. designing and implementing strategies, leading change, transform culture, collaborative leadership, digital transformation, building partnerships, negotiation and influencing, and more. The programme will encourage participants to apply these concepts in the context of their own office / country environments. Ideally, we would like to use existing online courses in your portfolio that can be customized for UNDP, adding components like internal case studies, examples from our work or stakeholder videos, to demonstrate practical application of the learning in the UNDP context.  We envision 2-3 hours of learning per month with a max number of 5 masterclasses.

Goal: Extend our existing leadership development portfolio to include customized virtual, instructor-led, executive leadership development for senior leaders. This series of online modules should enable our senior leaders to further grow professionally and to increase the impact they have for UNDP and our clients.

Through the referred subsequent RFP, UNDP aims at contracting one supplier to deliver the full scope of this pre-qualification exercise.

B.  Output:

The vendor shall provide the following services to UNDP:

  • Design and delivery of an online executive education programme for UNDP’s Deputy Representatives e.g. virtual masterclasses, supporting learning documents, pre-work and a focus on applying the learning on the job.

C. Scope

UNDP invites qualified vendors that meet the following criteria to express their interest in providing the required services as listed below by providing documentation in order to be prequalified (shortlisted) to participate in a subsequent RFP (Request for Proposal). 

1.  Private Sector / Public Sector / Non-Profit sector experience in offering customized online executive education for at least 5 years.  Please indicate 

  • how many customized executive online programmes you currently offer per year and 
  • the number of participants in each programme

2.  Experience in designing and delivering online executive leadership development programmes e.g. designing and delivering instructor-led master classes / webinars, case studies, interactive group work, online collaborative learning using technology enhanced learning applications, pre-assignments, , and Please indicate the number of programmes you have designed or managed in either your customized online programmes or online open enrolment programmes. Please be as specific as possible in describing the design.

3.  Experience in designing and delivering online executive leadership programmes in a multicultural environment. Please indicate global organizations you worked with and participant profiles. Please only indicate the names of clients who you have experience working with in your current division / department.

4.  Leverage cutting-edge technology to provide a virtual classroom with an engaging learning environment and experience. Communication between facilitator and learners should be two-ways. In addition, relevant content should be made available on the learning portal for learners e.g. articles, publications, resources, webinars. Please indicate the type of technologies and learning portal that is available and the type of resources participants would have access to.

5.  Please indicate if you offer special rates or discounts to not for profit organizations for executive education.

6.  Strong financial stability of vendor. Please provide any necessary financial records to demonstrate your financial stability.

An evaluation panel will review the EOIs. Following the finalization of prequalification process, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued to the shortlisted vendors.  Intended date for this RFP would be around 20th March 2020.  Only shortlisted suppliers from this exercise will be invited to submit their Technical and Financial proposals in the RFP. UNDP also may require compliance with additional requirements in terms of qualifications as part of the intended RFP document.

This EOI does not entail any commitment on the part of UNDP, either financial or otherwise. Please note this is not a solicitation of commercial offers.   No prices are required at this stage, no Financial offers are to be submitted yet, nor would be accepted during this prequalification exercise.

UNDP reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement if needed, during the EOI/Prequalification and/or subsequent RFP process, with no liabilities whatsoever.

Submitting a reply to a Call for the EOI/Prequalification does not automatically guarantee receipt of the solicitation documents (RFP) when issued.

D.  Prequalification Criteria:

1.   Eligibility to do business with UNDP

  • The supplier should comply with corresponding eligibility criteria, including not being listed in the UN SC 1267/1989 List of entities associated with Al-Qaida, or any other UN ineligibility list.

2.   Relevant profile, capacities and experience

3.   Financial soundness

4.   Litigation

  • The supplier should not have a history of substantial/numerous litigation (arbitration, claims, bankruptcy) that demonstrates unreliability, or pending ones that could impair supply performance in future projects. UNDP reserves the right not to shortlist any supplier with a consistent history of litigation.

E.  Submission Details:

The EOI must include the following documentation:

  1. Company profiles, indicating core areas of expertise, number of staff available for the intended project, their roles and academic qualifications / affiliations / publications.
  2. Examples of online learning approaches and topics used in online leadership development programmes.
  3. Evidence of past successful experiences providing these types of services to other organizations (similar to UNDP).
  4. References from organizations similar to UNDP in terms of its global presence and multicultural environment.

Please send all EOIs to clearly mentioning in the subject line: TDU-2020-EOI-Global Leadership Development Programme by Thursday, March 19th, 2020 6pm Denmark time-zone. You will receive an email confirmation once you have sent your EOI.  If you do not receive a confirmation within two days, please contact us at: clearly mentioning in the subject line: TDU-2020-EOI-Global Leadership Development Programme

If you have any specific questions on the EOI, please send them to clearly mentioning in the subject line: TDU-2020-EOI-Global Leadership Development Programme

We kindly ask that you keep the content of the EOI to a maximum of 20 pages (supplements can be included in the appendices. In case some of the supporting documents/photos/brochures significantly exceed the size allowed for transfer though the email, supplier may create a file share link and clearly indicate in the submission which documents should be downloaded from there.

Please quote TDU-2020-EOI-Global Leadership Development Programme as the subject in your correspondence.

Submissions which are incomplete may not be considered.