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[RE-ADVERTISED] UNDP Vietnam is seeking for 01 International Consultant to provide technical assistance for implementation of green chemistry interventions at selected demonstration industrial facilities in the paints & solvents sector
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - VIET NAM
Deadline :12-Apr-20
Posted on :17-Mar-20
Reference Number :64365
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[RE-ADVERTISED] UNDP Vietnam is seeking for 01 International Consultant to provide technical assistance for implementation of green chemistry interventions at selected demonstration industrial facilities in the paints & solvents sectors.

In Viet Nam, while the chemical and manufacturing sectors play a very important role in the development of the national economy and in the industrialization and modernization of the country, certain chemicals, which are potentially hazardous/toxic, their production processes, and products containing such chemicals are becoming of increasing concern because of their impact on human health, the local and global environment, and ecosystems.

Because of various legacy issues, surveys in Viet Nam (1999 – 2010) indicated higher levels of chemicals of concern in soil, water, and human milk than those measured in most other countries.

This situation is further aggravated by chemical pollution and release, industry-related accidents, and spills caused by the national chemicals and manufacturing industry, which is predominantly using old technologies, outdated production processes, and/or end-of-pipe solutions. This is a cause of great concern and puts a significant burden on the Government of Viet Nam and local authorities, as these impacts are further jeopardizing the health of the country’s population as well as its ecosystems.

The low concern and awareness of the environmental risk associated with obsolete industrial processes and the consumption, release, or storage of hazardous chemicals in any stage of industrial manufacturing has often resulted in serious environmental accidents.

The objectives of the assignment are to provide technical support, guidance, supervision and follow-up tothe selected entities in the electroplating and paints & solvents sectors for implementation of demonstration GC activities.

The 03 selected ICs will, in close partnership with UNDP and PMU/MOIT, develop a specific Green Chemistry intervention at the selected facilities from the electroplating and paints & solvents sectors, including initial assessment of POPs use/release, modification of the facility operations, and environmental monitoring. After approval of the GC intervention, the consultant team will support the introduction/monitor the implementation of the chosen GC approaches and technologies at the selected industrial facilities.

An indicative list of possible GC interventions in the electroplating and paints & solvents sectors is provided in Annex 1 at the end of this TOR.

Procurement Notice with enclosed TOR and evaluation criteria are in the attached files.

Interested offerors are invited to submit CVs, financial proposals and other information following guidance in the Procurement Notice to:

Procurement Unit

UNDP Viet Nam

304 Kim Ma, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: (+84 24) 38500100

Direct: (+84 24) 38500195


with notification by email (without attachment) to: that the bidder has submitted proposal.

UNDP will not be responsible for the missing of proposal if the bidder does not send notification email to above address.

Deadline for submission: 23.59, 12 April 2020 (Hanoi time)