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Development of Office layout and design for the Office of United Nations Development Programme in Guinea-Bissau
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Bissau - GUINEA-BISSAU
Deadline :07-May-20
Posted on :30-Apr-20
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :65489
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Development of Office layout and design for the Office of United Nations Development Programme in Guinea-Bissau

  1. Background

UNDP, on a global level is transforming the way it works, thinks and implement its projects as we enter the Decade of Action that calls for the acceleration of sustainable solutions to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Innovation and creativity are at the core of our universal commitment to help countries become more peaceful and prosperous.

Anchored in the 2030 Agenda and committed to the principles of universality, equality and leaving no one behind, is the new UNDP People for 2030 strategy, that aims at progressively transforming UNDP’s culture and capacity to better face and resolve the ever-changing challenges impacting our world. The strategy, launched in 2019, also highlights the importance of UNDP’s duty of care as an employer to ensure that all personal work in a safe and healthy organization that contribute to their self-fulfillment and protects their dignity.

Keeping in line with the People for 2030 Strategy and UNDP’s new vision, UNDP Guinea-Bissau is too accelerating it actions in order to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing developmental arena. UNDP Guinea-Bissau would like to renovate and update its office workspace in order to promote collaboration and creativity amongst its staff.

With a view at providing an optimal environment for the acceleration of SDGs implementation in the country, it is essential to provide UNDP personnel with:

  1. Provide UNDP, its staff; clients and partners a modern, collaborative and creative space adequate to the type of work done in its offices. 
  2. Live up to our own expectations by acting on our motto: “Greening the blue” and promoting the use of sustainable, green practices in the office.
  3. Offer UNDP personnel a safer, healthier and more efficient work environment that will promote staff morale, innovation and productivity.
  4. Promote greater integration, creativity, and collaboration of functions and people.
  5. 5 - Ensuring compliance with international and civil engineering working environment standards and meet all local building regulations in force in Guinea-Bissau
  6. A review of the organizational approach to flexibility in the workplace with a view to ensuring that it is leveraged more strategically to increase productivity, work effectiveness, workload management, well-being, and ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The creative space is to be themed on  the SDGs and will encompass the entire 3rd and 4th floors of the UN House.  An open-space floorplan is envisioned to incentivize collaboration and the free flow of information. UNDP Guinea-Bissau requires an engineering/architectural design and building space plan for interior fit-out of its office that will optimize the utilization of space and existing furniture, fixtures, equipment and accessories and promote an effective and efficient work environment.

Office building plans are provided in the Annex II of this TOR.

Scope of works:

1. Design service

  • Review the existing structural drawings of the building and prepare the architectural/engineering and space plan suitable to UNDP Guinea-Bissau CO and suggest any internal civil and M&E works;
  • Prepare layout for workstations, conference/meeting rooms, single offices for senior staff and other facilities such as kitchen, leisure space, reception, canteen etc;
  • Provide standard security requirement maintaining modern space efficient concepts and aesthetic view in consultation with UNDSS/UNDP management while preparing the office layout;
  • Provide necessary instruction to the Maintenance team in consultation with the UNDP management for necessary internal civil works;
  • Provide functional and innovative interior layouts/solutions;
  • Provide proper working drawings for all construction works;
  • Provide all other details and budgetary estimate.

2. Advisory services

  • Provide technical assistance in the procurement process for the fit out construction and purchase goods and services to implement the architectural/engineering and space plan, including assistance in the preparation of the TOR/Technical specifications/Schedule of requirements and other related documents required for the procurement; and the technical evaluation of the tenders; 
  • Provide advisory assistance on the progress of the implementation of the architectural and engineering and space plan;
  • Submit a completion evaluation report upon the completion of the project.

Schedule of requirements

 A. Technical requirements

1. Architectural design − Interior floor plans with furniture and fixtures layout − Furniture layout − Interior elevations and sections − Spot details − Interior perspectives

2. Electrical design − Ceiling and lighting layout − Power layout − Emergency power scheme (if required) − Auxiliary layout: telephone, LAN (structure cabling and wifi) and DATA − CCTV layout − Sound system layout and paging system (if required)

3. if required. Plumbing and sanitary − Revised plumbing layout − Revised restroom layout

4. Mechanical and Fire protection − Revised A/C layout − Revised fire alarm system layout − Sprinkler layout − Signage and decals details

5. Others − Outline specifications/schedules of finishes − Estimate budget

B. General requirements

  • Renovation is desired to be cost-effective. However, due expenses to be required for a modern workplace would be considered appropriate.
  • Renovation should keep the original outlook of the UNDP Building House traditional architecture.
  • Renovation should try to accommodate the current organizational structure of the UNDP or as required by the management.
  • Open space on the 4th floor with SDGs decoration on the wall. Space will be visibly divided by 5Ps
  • On the 3rd floor open space, programme and operation team will be physically together to provide for better collaboration.
  • Offices for senior staff each floor.

C. Specific requirements

  • Architects might visit the UN Building House before submitting their proposal.
  • Central air-conditioner system might be considered together with air-conditioners.
  • Solar energy is installed in the premises.
  • Office furniture might be replaced while reuse of existing office furniture is desired to reduce the cost. At the same time, modern furniture of an office is also desired.
  • Better running of electrical and networking cabling is also desired.
  • Modern restrooms are also desired.
  • New efficient blinders are also desired.
  • The canteen is desired to be renovated/Built for better use and for the benefits of the staff working at the UN House.
  • The main conference room requires better lighting and a good acoustic sound system.
  • Lightning in offices should be sectioned to turn on at individual tables when needed in order to save energy. LED lights are desired to replace current neon lights for better efficiency of electricity.
  • ICT infrastructure might be updated following the new interior design.
  • Layout of offices should consider the generous lighting intensity during the day in Guinea-Bissau in order to reduce use of electrical lightning for saving energy and to maximize use of daylight during the day. The blinders, curtains, window glasses, screening filters should be designed with such consideration if required.
  • Guinea-Bissau is normally hot almost throughout year with a lot of sunshine. Use of air conditioning is extensive. Therefore, consideration is needed to provide good isolation of heat through the window glasses to save energy used by air-conditioning. Ventilation is also required to ensure good and comfortable air in workplace for staffs.
  • Landscaping around the building is also desired to be nice and pleasant.
  • Two lifts are desired to be improved and renovated.


Duration of works:

  • 4 months from April to July 2020, with following estimation of working times:

Ref Specific deliverables Estimate number of required working days

Submission deadline

PHASE I - DESIGN 1 Preliminary design with different possible options with estimate costs for UNDP management consideration

  • Site visits to prepare details of workstations and other interior elements
  • Development of layout and design plan, working drawing for civil works and M&E, including electrical and LAN system.
  • Presentation and submission of final version of drawings

PHASE II – TENDERING AND SUPERVISION 1 Preparation of BOQ in consultation with UNDP management.

  • Support of the tender dossier preparation and evaluation
  • Monitoring and supervision of the project implementation
  • Completion report including all as built layouts, BOQ and other technical documents
  • Completion date can be extended following the selected option and its implementation plan.


The Consultant shall:

  • Report in hard and soft copies to UNDP Resident Representative for the project implementation;
  • Submit the final proposal in hard and soft copies to the UNDP for approval;
  • Be responsible for the needed tools and equipment to produce the deliverables specified in the Scope of works, except as agreed upon by both parties.
  • UNDP shall:
  • Provide the workspace that may be required by the Consultant
  • Provide the Consultant access to a printer and internet facilities
  • Provide the Consultant access to relevant documents/records subject to the approval of the project.


Competence and Qualifications

Minimum eligibility criteria for the Firm:

Valid business license - At least 3 years of experience in similar exercise - At least 5 assignments in office premise design

Minimum eligibility criteria for the team leader

BSc. Engineer/Architect from reputed engineering university - At least 5 years of experience in Internal decoration and civil engineering - At least 3 similar working experience with international organization, private sector, UN agencies, reputed corporate offices, etc.