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Public Finance Management Specialist (National Consultant)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - PHILIPPINES
Deadline :14-May-20
Posted on :01-May-20
Reference Number :65496
Link to Atlas Project :
00095022 - DSS 2016 K to 12 Basic Education Program
Overview :

A.Project Title

Development Support Services 2016 K to 12 Basic Education Program of the Philippine Department of Education including Technical Assistance Facility


B.Project Description 

The project provides development support services to the Department of Education (DepEd) in the course of its implementation of the 2016 K to 12 Basic Education Program in accordance with the National Acceleration Modality (NAM) agreement provision of procuring the Lot 4 Solar and IT Packages for un-energized schools. It also provides technical assistance in establishing a social accountability mechanism through a Citizen Monitoring System in select regions.


Specifically, the project covers the following support services: (a) Procurement, delivery and installation of IT Computer packages (in particular, procurement, delivery and installation of Lot 4 packages); (b) develop and conduct 2 PFM training modules; (c) roll out of the PFM Assessment Tool in select regional and division offices; (d) scaling up of citizen monitoring teams to ensure timely and quality service delivery up to the beneficiary level; and (e) project management, assessment and monitoring.


The Technical Assistance (TA) Facility aims to provide capacity assessment and development of DepEd personnel and teachers as well as strengthen citizens participation to improve the agency’s public finance system and resource management for effective education services delivery to primary and secondary learners.

C.Scope of Work

To provide the support services, the project needs to hire a Public Financial Management (PFM) Specialist who will design an assessment method and conduct a rapid PFM assessment to six (6) regional offices of the Department of Education, which covers budgeting, accounting, auditing, cash management, procurement, and public reporting on other financial operations.    


D.Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Under the direct supervision of the UNDP-DepEd Project Officer, the Contractor or PFM Specialist shall perform the following tasks:


  1. Prepare an inception plan which includes methodology and assessment tool that can be used by other DepEd regional offices;
  2. Collect and analyze data on PFM policy, processes, systems, citizens’ participation, staff capacity, and related practices in six DepEd Regional offices located in CAR (Baguio), V (Legaspi), 4A (Mindoro) & 4B (Palawan), 10 (Davao del Norte & Davao del Sur)
  3. Prepare and submit recommendations to improve PFM policy, processes, systems, citizens’ participation, and staff capacity; and
  4. Perform other related functions as deemed necessary by the Project Officer.






Deliverables/ Outputs

Estimated Duration to Complete

Target Due Dates

Review and Approvals Required


Inception Plan

3 days


May 2020

Project Officer




Project Management Specialist

Rapid assessment of existing PFM structure and processes, including risks in selected 6 DepEd regional offices

20 days

22 May –

18 June 2020

Presentation and submission to UNDP & DepEd the Findings and Recommendations of the Assessment

5 days


June 2020

Submission of Final Report

3 days


June 2020


E. Institutional Arrangement

The PFM Specialist will be under the direct supervision of the Project Officer and his/ her outputs shall be reviewed by the Project Officer and Project Management Specialist. This shall be endorsed to the Programme Outcome Lead for the Institutions and Partnerships for the final approval.


F.      Duration of the Work

The PFM Specialist will be contracted from 19 May to 30 June 2020 (31 working days).  Effectivity of the engagement will be upon signing of the contract and will be valid until all outputs have been delivered and accepted.


G.     Duty Station

The Consultant’s duty station will be in Manila. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and declaration of State of Public Health Emergency in the Philippines, all work of the Consultant shall be done within the guidelines and protocols set by the local government. During the quarantine period, the Consultant shall NOT ENGAGE in any meetings or activities OUTSIDE THEIR HOMES. Coordination/meetings shall be done through phone or online communication until such time that the quarantine is lifted. This is STRICTLY an OUTPUT/ HOME-BASED assignment; NO TRAVEL IS REQUIRED for the Consultant to complete their abovementioned tasks. Related costs for the engagement shall be borne by the Consultant and should be included in the Consultant’s Offer Letter.

H.     Qualifications of the Successful Individual Contractor


Clearly define and indicate the following qualifications in your CV. Only those who obtain a minimum score of 70 out of 100 obtainable points will be shortlisted and evaluated.




Points Obtainable

At least a Bachelor’s degree in public finance management or related field


14 points for Bachelor’s degree; 17 points for Master’s degree, 20 points for Doctorate


At least five (5) years of experience in public financial management;


21 points for 5 years; 25 points for 6-7 years; 29 years for 8-9 years; 30 points for 10 years and up






At least three years’ experience working with national and local government agencies  


18 points for 3 years; additional point per additional year



At least 3 years working experience in diverse and multi-cultural environment e.g. UN agency


18 points for 3 years; additional point per additional year



Languages: English and Filipino

(Proficiency in English and Filipino must be indicated in the CV)







I. Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments

The Consultant must send a financial proposal based on all-inclusive lump-sum amount including all costs components required to deliver the goods and services identified above such as professional fees and any other applicable costs (i.e., medical and health insurance, supplies and materials, equipment, reproduction, communications, etc.). Medical/health insurance must be purchased by the individual, and upon award of contract, the consultant must be ready to submit proof of insurance valid during contract duration. Please provide breakdown of costs using Annex 2 of the Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability for the Individual Contractor (IC).  





Deliverables/ Outputs



Submission and acceptance of Inception Plan



Submission and acceptance of Rapid assessment of existing PFM structure and processes, including risks in selected 6 DepEd regional offices



Submission and acceptance of Presentation and draft findings and recommendations of the Assessment to UNDP and DepEd 



Submission and Acceptance of Final Report



J. Recommended Presentation of the Offer


Interested applicants must submit the following:


1.       Duly accomplished Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability, using the template provided by UNDP;

2.       UNDP Personal History Form (P11) or Curriculum Vitae (following the template attached) indicating all past experiences from similar projects or requirements, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references;

3.       Financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract prices, supported by a breakdown of costs as per UNDP template provided and clearly stating payment percentage.


Templates for a) P11 Personal History Form and b)  Offeror's Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability and Financial Proposal are available through the link below. UNDP General Terms and Conditions for Individual Contractors  are also attached:


K. Criteria for Selection of Best Offer


Applications from qualified candidate will be desk reviewed by the UNDP Philippines’ evaluation committee. Assessment of best offer will be via Combined Scoring method—where the qualifications (see above table for Qualifications) will be weighted 70% and the financial proposal (price offer) will be weighted 30%.


Submissions must be uploaded on the following link:

Offerors must upload in one (1) file the Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability, UNDP Personal History Form (P11) or Curriculum Vitae, and the Financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price.


Please see deadline of submissions above.