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Procurement of Financial Instruments Management Systems and Related Services
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :19-Jun-20
Posted on :04-May-20
Development Area :OTHER  
Reference Number :65571
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Documents :
QA_Round 1_Procurement Notices
QA Response 2_Round 1_Procurement Notices
QA_Response 3_Round 1_Procurement Notices
Amendment 1 - RFP FIMS - Extension of Deadline
Amendment 2 - RFP FIMS - Final Extension
QA Response 4 Round 1_Procurement Notices
Overview :

The United Nation Capital Development Fund's (UNCDF) LDC Investment Platform (LDCIP) serves as UNCDF’s hub for innovative development finance by engineering the conditions for investment viability in the “missing middle” or in riskier market segments. Ensuring investment viability can be done by using financial instruments designed to absorb and mitigate risk, and not least provide technical assistance to the investees.

UNCDF has been deploying loans and guarantees from resources which have been given to UNCDF as grants, predominantly from member states (donors). The loan and guarantee sizes have been ranging from $50 to $400 thousand, with terms between less than one year and five years. The loans are issued in local currency from USD funds sourced from a variety of Donors under the programs set out above.

In the last few years, UNCDF has progressively increased its deployment of loans and guarantees. UNCDF is on the road to expanding its capital investment mandate. It has a goal of growing the portfolio from less than $10 million to $50 million in the next few years.

As it experiences growth in volume, UNCDF now needs a robust financial instruments (loan and guarantee) management system to support the growth of its lending and guarantee operations. More specifically, UNCDF is looking for a system and/or solution that can manage the origination of loans and guarantees, portfolio management, and non-commercial development finance activities.  A robust system is expected to support growth through its embedded workflow, reporting tools, and database.

UNCDF requires the services of one or more Contractors that will deliver the following three (3) components: Lot 1: Financial Instruments Management System: Lot 2: Implementation and System Maintenance - (a) Implementation of the System; (b) System Maintenance Support. 

For further details, please see the Request for Proposal (RFP), attached: RFPHQ-UNCDF-05042020