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Knowledge Management - Develop awareness raising materials for Central Africa Forests
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :Homebased - SWITZERLAND
Deadline :26-May-20
Posted on :14-May-20
Development Area :FORESTRY  FORESTRY
Reference Number :65864
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00092735 - Central African Forest Initiative Secretariat
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Overview :

The Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) aims to support governments in the region as they implement reforms and enhance investments to address such challenges as poverty, food insecurity and climate change through reducing the rates of deforestation and forest degradation in 6 partner countries. More information available on CAFI’s website.

Deforestation accounts for 10 % of annual carbon emissions worldwide, nearly equivalent to the emissions from all cars and trucks on the planet combined. Meanwhile, protecting forests could eliminate these emissions entirely and reduce global emissions through carbon sequestration. Because climate change is a global crisis, proposed responses have tended to emphasize similarly global-level, public sector-driven actions. Nevertheless, given the high percentage of greenhouse gas emissions originating at the household level, individual citizens have a role to play. Effective and comprehensive environmental strategies must therefore include tactics to inspire ordinary people to do what they can, both to reduce harmful behaviors and to participate in restoration work.

As part of its efforts to improve outreach to the general public, the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) will launch a new website in August 2020 to strengthen the visibility of ongoing policy dialogues and programming results in our partner countries. The website’s content will be updated to better suit a broader audience, as it seeks to transform scientifically rigorous data into awareness-raising materials to highlight the importance of Central African forests. In addition, stronger outreach efforts on Twitter will be necessary to draw new audiences to our website and sensitize the public of the role these forests play in mitigating climate change and ensuring sustainable development.

Under the supervision and direction of the CAFI Head of Secretariat, the consultant will develop content, transforming scientifically rigorous data into awareness-raising materials to engage the different audiences through CAFI’s various communication platforms.

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