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National Mentors for the International Training Programme (ICLD-UNCDF ITP) - Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development (One National for each country: South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :05-Jun-20
Posted on :20-May-20
Reference Number :66086
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Non-UNDP Project
Overview :

UNCDF and ICLD seek to recruit five National Mentors (one for each country) for the International Training Programme (ICLD-UNCDF ITP) - “Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development”. The applicant must be a national and a resident of one of the countries (i.e. South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana)

Accordingly, the specific roles and responsibilities to be performed by the mentors under the ICLD and UNCDF ITP are as follows:

  • Provide support to participants in thinking through and shaping the content of their change projects consistent with the stated scope and purpose of the ICLD-UNCDF ITP;
  • Develop a template and/or plan to guide the participants in undertaking their change projects through planned interactive sessions to be determined between the designated mentor and their participants;
  • Produce and submit quarterly and Final progress reports to the Programme Management of the ICLD-UNCDF ITP focusing, inter alia, on progress made by participants on their change projects, identified content related weaknesses and administrative and operational challenges and recommending specific corrective actions to be taken;
  • Participate in the preparation and inform the content and structure of critical reflection and final reporting sessions or workshops in order to track, support and improve the capacity of participants in managing their change projects generally and adding value to programme content, design and management;
  • To act as a pool, repository and sounding board for technical knowledge, assistance and advise in developing platforms to upscale and mainstream the ICLD-UNCDF ITP into national 
  • and regional frameworks for sustainable human skills development in the local government sector;
  • Participate in the different meetings during the training organised by the programme management of UNCDF and ICLD.
  • Conduct at least 2 visits in the municipalities and provide a report
  • Co-host sessions held in the mentor’s own country, deliver a lecture and facilitate workshops on mentor’s areas of expertise throughout the training

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