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Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :13-Jul-20
Posted on :01-Jul-20
Development Area :OTHER  
Reference Number :67421
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00102700 - Environment and Climate change response
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The Kasane Landfill is located along the Upper Road, A33, the main road from the Kasane International Airport going through to Kazungula. The landfill can be viewed clearly from the road which is at approximately 200m from the landfill. It sits at 700m from the Chobe River and 200m from the Nyungwe Irrigation Scheme Park. 

It should be noted that a landfill should not be located within 500m of a human consumption water source, area of human inhabitation or area used for arable farming. The location of the landfill, in relation to the Chobe river as well as other places such as the main road, shopping malls, bird breeding centre and the airport, poses economic, environmental as well as challenges to public acceptance among others. In order for the landfill to be better managed, and effectively run, and possibly relocated, certain data needs to be collected and analysed for the purposes of developing a strategy that will be utilized for the Kasane Landfill. This data collection will be undertaken over a period of at least 6 months to take into regard seasonal variations, waste type variations, and other operational and management practices of the landfill. For the purposes of this consultancy, groundwater monitoring wells up-gradient as well as down-gradient from the landfill will need to be installed to allow for testing of possible contamination by landfill leachate. Such data collection will also serve to inform management strategies for waste in other regions in Botswana