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A2J - Expression of Interest - National Consultants
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP - Access to Justice Project A2J - NEPAL
Deadline :27-Jul-20
Posted on :17-Jul-20
Reference Number :67952
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00106402 - Enhancing Access to Justice
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A2J - Expression of Interest - National Consultants
Overview :

UNDP Nepal is working with the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (MoLJPA), Office of Attorney General (OAG), Nepal Bar Association (NBA), other government agencies, national human rights institutions, and civil society organizations to enhance access to justice through Institutional Reform Project, 2018-2020 (the Project). The Project builds on the achievements of the Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights protection system in Nepal Programme (2013-2017) and continues to focus on the reform of the legal aid system, supporting national efforts in implementation of constitutional provisions on fundamental rights through legislative reform, implementation of the newly adopted criminal and civil legislations, and in particular on enhancing the access to justice at the local level.

To enable women and vulnerable groups to access justice, the Project will support the MOLJPA to lead reforms in the legal aid system in Nepal towards the implementation of the Integrated Legal Aid System which aims to coordinate and regulate accessible socio and legal aid service provision throughout Nepal by further enabling women and vulnerable groups to enjoy their right to legal aid services.

The Project continues to be engaged in the reform of the criminal and civil justice systems by providing necessary support for the execution of the Costed Action Plan for the implementation of the newly adopted codes. Developing guidelines on implementation of codes and providing specialized trainings to judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, judicial committee members and other justice sector officials will be a focus of the Project.

Further, the Project also aims to create a discourse on Law and Development particularly focusing on its inter-relation so as to create a development friendly laws and policies for the inclusive economic development of the country. Fostering United Nations Guiding Principle on Business and Human Rights at different level and sector through dissemination and dialogues is another focused area of the Project.

For this purpose, the Project is seeking to develop a roster of experts/consultants with expertise in focus areas of the Project for the period till December 2020. Eligible Nepali experts/consultants are encouraged to apply by submitting their detailed CVs along with expression interest. The Project reserves the right to shortlist the expert/consultant and call for their services when required for the Project focus areas/activities:

Thematic/Academic branches

Thematic Expert Areas

Law review, drafting, legal reform


Law drafting, review, research federal, provincial and local laws and policies, Pro-bono services, Criminal and Civil Codes, Law & Development, Develop Guidelines; implementation of fundamental rights

 Legal Aid and access to justice

Providing legal aid and pro-bono services, support clinical legal education, Develop Knowledge product on Legal Aid, SoP for legal aid provider, Develop tools and materials on legal awareness; Conduct research on access to justice of women and marginalized communities in justice systems, implementation of legal aid systems and mechanisms, mediation, psycho-social counseling

Capacity development

Develop Training Manual, guidelines Resource Books/ Materials, facilitate Training, Workshops, Seminar, Interaction. Capacity development of Judicial committees, lawyers, government officials, CSOs

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Develop and update database for NBA on pro-bono legal aid services, review existing laws /Regulations /policies/plans through GESI perspectives, Provide Technical support to formulate laws / regulations/ policies/plans through GESI lensSupport to develop Training Manual with incorporating GESI related issues, support to develop Resource Materials with incorporating GESI components

Law and Development; and Business and Human Rights

Research on Business and Human Rights related policies and laws, Develop training manuals, guidelines, and other related materials on business and human rights; facilitation of workshops, training, law and development; arbitration

Governance and accountability

Research, review, developing accountability guidelines, facilitation of training workshop on governance and accountability

Information Technology

Software application, Mobile application, Computer networking

Translation/ Interpretation

Legal documents, Non legal documents, Simultaneously translation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of the Project activities, develop M&E framework, facilitation on the M&E issues