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Long Term Agreement (LTA) for Graphic Designer - 2 International Consultants
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline :31-Jul-20
Posted on :22-Jul-20
Reference Number :68130
Link to Atlas Project :
00126250 - Support to the formulation and adoption of NEP
Documents :
Annex A - Letter of Interest and Availability
Annex D - P.11
Annex C- GCC IC
Overview :

Long Term Agreement (LTA) for Graphic Designer - 2 International Consultants

Project #120361 - Engagement Facility (Environment)


UNDP Mauritius Country Office has recently established a communication function to showcase stories from Mauritius, outlining development impact towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and sharing supporting individuals, communities, civil society, the private sector and government to share socio-economic human and environmental interest stories aimed at demonstrating development impact in partnership with UNDP.

UNDP Mauritius Country Office requires the services of individual graphic designers based in different parts of the world to deliver powerful communication design materials that demonstrate the impact of UNDP projects and initiatives in a range of areas. These include systems strengthening, inclusive growth, and energy and environment and others related to UNDP core principles. The consultants will work closely with the UNDP Communications Specialist and will produce products based on the communication requirements. The consultants are responsible for ensuring all products are in full compliance with UNDP branding and style guide.

Scope of Work

Duties and Responsibilities

The overall objective to set up this Long-Term Agreement is to facilitate and expedite the process by which UNDP will hire the services of individual designers/illustrators, once there are specific assignments during the contract period. Working on an “on call” basis, the consultants will be responsible for design and layout of knowledge products - print and electronic versions, designs for digital use and event collaterals, including:

  • Design print material such as illustrations, publications, newsletters, infographics, factsheets, brochures, flyers, posters, booklets and more; and digital material like presentations, infographics, gifs etc
  • Design concepts and production for web stories
  • Graphic designs for animated videos and interactive websites
  • Translate data into infographics
  • Design event collaterals, including standees, backdrop, banners, posters and more
  • Design logos and branding material
  • Any other design related requirement
  • Supply print ready artwork, open files and collaborate in ensuring smooth printing processes

If and when any of the above services will be required, UNDP and consultant will agree on work input, number of working days (or hours) necessary and deadline prior to commencement of work. Detailed specifications for each individual assignment will be given to the selected graphic designer as and when the designer’s services are requested.

For each agreed communication product assigned the contractor will:

  • Design and layout the assigned communication product
  • Submit the preliminary layouts for discussion with UNDP
  • Revise the selected layout as discussed with UNDP
  • Submit a draft to UNDP for proofreading (up to 4 rounds of corrections to be covered under the agreement)
  • Ensure all corrections have been inserted
  • Obtain a final sign off from UNDP before submitting electronic files to the printer
  • Prepare the electronic files for the printer
  • Send electronic files to printer and liaise with printer during printing process, receive and mark up final blueprint with final corrections from UNDP
  • Make final corrections to electronic file
  • Create PDF from final electronic file for UNDP Web posting
  • If the project is to be done in multiple languages, same proofreading procedure described above applies.

LTA Contracting modality and Call-off mechanism:

UNDP Mauritius will sign Long Term Agreement (LTA) with 2 top ranked graphic designers (2 internationals) according to the evaluation score.

UNDP Mauritius does not warrant that any quantity of services will be purchased during the term of the LTA as this will depend on forthcoming needs.

Upon receipt of this communication, the LTA graphic designer would have to confirm his or her availability for the assignment within two days. If available, UNDP will send the graphic designer a written communication including details on the requirements, number of hours/days to be worked and other practical details. Payment to the graphic designer will be based on a daily fee included in the LTA contract and on the agreed costs. After the work order has been sent, no further costs would be reimbursed by UNDP (increased number of work days/hours, or additional costs) unless there is prior written authorization by UNDP.

UNDP will regularly monitor the performance of LTA holders and  failure to meet performance requirements may result in the termination of the LTA.

Institutional Arrangement

The graphic designer will report to the Communications Specialist; and consult the communications team and project teams as required.

Criteria for Selection

Individual Consultants will be first evaluated on the Technical submission to qualify for the next round.

Only the technically responsive bidders (with 70% and above points) will be invited to submit a Financial proposal.

Recommended  Submission:

  1. Annex A - Confirmation of Interest and Availability
  2. Annex D -  P11 (Personal History form) indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references;
  3. At least one publication/booklet/brochure or 3-5 samples of illustrations/infographics that highlight the applicant’s knowledge and mastery of graphic design
  4. Share portfolio of work covering requirements detailed above – online/pdf version;


Deadline for Submission

Applications should be sent through  email : on or before Friday 31 July 2020 - 16:00 hours Mauritius time (GMT+4)