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International Consultant as Blue Economy and Sustainable Tourism Development Expert under the GEF7 PPG - Seychelles
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - SEYCHELLES
Deadline :03-Aug-20
Posted on :26-Jul-20
Reference Number :68250
Link to Atlas Project :
00128350 - PPG - PIMS 6316 - Nature Based Solution for Blue Economy
Documents :
Annex A - Letter of Interest and Availability
Annex B - Model Contract IC
Annex C- GCC IC
Annex D - P.11
Overview :

Project ID - 00122370 Award ID - 00128350 - PPG GEF7 - Prioritizing BD Conservation and Nature Based Solutions as pillars of Seychelles Blue Economy

International Consultant as Blue Economy and Sustainable Tourism Development Expert under the GEF7 PPG - Seychelles


The Project Objective is to conserve Seychelles’ globally significant biodiversity through effective management of Seychelles’ expanded Marine Protected Areas system and promotion of nature-based solutions as pillars of the Blue Economy. It is structured around four components, as follows:

��� Component 1 – Strengthening political and institutional framework for effective implementation of Seychelles’ Marine Spatial Plan (MSP):
��� Component 2 – Expanding and strengthening management effectiveness of Seychelles’ MPA system
��� Component 3 - Investing in innovative nature-based solutions to development
��� Component 4 – Effective gender mainstreaming, knowledge management and M&E

Scope of Work

The International ‘Blue Economy’ and Sustainable Tourism Development Expert will be the lead consultant responsible for providing inputs, assessments, and feasibility studies required to comprehensively formulate project activities, outputs, and the overall strategy for Component 3: Investing in innovative nature-based solutions to development. Contributions to other project components, especially Component 2, will also be required. This expert will lead all aspects of the work related to advancing sustainable ‘Blue Economy’ business models, nature-based alternative livelihood options, and engagement with the private sector and local communities on this topic. The consultant will be an internationally recognised expert in tourism policy and planning, with substantive knowledge in the field of sustainable and/or eco-tourism development.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that this PPG process will be carried out remotely, to the greatest extent possible. No travel to the country is envisaged at this point. This consultant will therefore have to have the ability and the capacity to carry out all necessary PPG work remotely, using all available means, e.g., phone and IT technology.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Management of the GEF PPG Team
  2. Preparatory Technical Studies and Reviews (Component A)
  3. Formulation of the ProDoc, CEO Endorsement Request and Mandatory and Project Specific Annexes (Component B)
  4. Validation Workshop (Component C)
  5. Final Deliverables


  • Submission of Work Plan and Inception Report jointly with PPG Team
  • Report on feasibility analysis of the opportunities to integrate nature-based solutions and the ‘Blue Economy’ business models into sustainable tourism development
  • Strategy for Component 3 which will adequately integrate the need to use ‘Blue Economy’ and nature-based solutions as pillars of sustainable tourism development and COVID-19 recovery efforts
  • Complete due-diligence assessments of confirmed private sector partners in line with UNDP private sector due diligence policy (working closely with the UNDP CO in the Seychelles)
  • Finalized agreements with the tourism businesses at the project sites outlining areas of cooperation during project implementation and any agreed co-financing;
  • Approval and submission of Final Prodoc to GEF Secretariat


The duration of the contract will be for a period of 12 months from August 2020 until July 2021. An estimated total of 30 working days is expected with the workload being significant in the first quarter of 2021.

Duty Station

Home based (Unless travel restrictions are lifted)
Some travel may be required subject to local/ international guidelines.

Submission of Application

Applications should be sent through email :� on or before Monday 03 August 2020 - 16:00 hours Seychelles time (GMT+4)

Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability and Submission of financial proposal
Annex B - Model Contact IC
Annex D - P11
Terms of Reference

Please submit only Annex A and Annex D mandatorily.