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RfP for Support the development of an PPE stock management system and e-tool for the health sector
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - VIET NAM
Deadline :16-Aug-20
Posted on :10-Aug-20
Development Area :IT / COMPUTERS  IT / COMPUTERS
Reference Number :68787
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Documents :
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Submission forms_RfP 2-200802
Overview :

UNDP Vietnam is seeking for 01 qualified Vietnamese firm to support the development of an PPE stock management system and e-tool for the health sector.

(Ref. 2-200802)

Viet Nam’s rapid and effective containment of COVID-19 is emerging as good example of Anticipatory Governance in action. Anticipating the spread of the virus very early on, the Government of Viet Nam (GoV) took swift, decisive leadership action through contact tracing, isolation and quarantine measures to curtail the spread and limit community transmission. Key to this success was adopting a ‘whole of government’ approach, engaging both health and non-health sectors at all levels. Based on the overall principle of removing any financial barriers to health care access for COVID-19 patients, the GoV has ensured free testing and treatment and provided support to those quarantined.

This TOR is to procure a national IT consultancy firm to support MOH to develop and operationalize an online and mobile app of robust PPE stock management system to meet different stakeholders’ needs. These include inventory assessment of current tools of medical equipment management used by health facilities and development of an online system for use by the health facilities, health authorities at all level, and private suppliers.

The overall objective of the consultancy service is to ensure the smooth management and coordination of PPE needed for Viet Nam to combat epidemics such as Covid-19 – a prolong emergency and contribute to helping Vietnamese enterprises share and obtain information about PPE stocks for better manufacturing plans.

The concrete objective is to support MOH to develop and operationalize an online software and Mobile App of the robust PPE stock management and coordination system within the health sector with the purpose of better planning, procurement, utilization, and coordination of PPE stocks within the health facilities at all level.

The selection will be based on a competitive basis and will comply with UNDP procurement regulations. Request for Proposal with enclosed TOR and evaluation criteria as well as Submission forms are attached. 

Contact person:

Luu Ngoc Diep

Procurement Unit

UNDP Vietnam

304 Kim Ma, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 24 38500100

Direct: +84 24 38500200


Submission deadline: Sunday, 16 August 2020 (Hanoi time)