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International Statistician to conduct a Study on the Socio-Economic Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak in Seychelles
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - SEYCHELLES
Deadline :21-Aug-20
Posted on :14-Aug-20
Reference Number :69000
Link to Atlas Project :
00126778 - COVID-19 Solidarity Project - SEY
Documents :
Annex A - Letter of Interest and Availability
Annex B - Model Contract IC
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Overview :


International Statistician to conduct a Study on the Socio-Economic Impact of COVID 19 Outbreak in Seychelles



The Covid-19 pandemic has a significant short-term impact negating all the economic progress Seychelles has made over the last decade. The extent of the socio-economic impact and recovery needs to be addressed in depth, as potential trade-offs may worsen conditions in society, lay the burden once more on a welfare state, increase public debt and delay recovery.

In supporting recovery efforts, the UN collaborates with governments on a multi-sectoral level from Health to social protection, from macro-economic policy to economic recovery, multilateral collaboration and building community resilience and social cohesion- through a wide-range of technical and operational support within the UN and its extended network. Within this framework, UNDP is the designated lead agency for socio-economic recovery globally being present in 170 countries.

As part of its COVID-19 Response Plan Offer, UNDP is seeking to provide technical assistance to undertake a Socio-economic impact assessment of the pandemic and propose a comprehensive recovery framework that provides a gender perspective of the effects of Covid-19 in Seychelles in collaboration with other UN agencies. The analysis is expected to expound on the challenges and presented by the pandemic and propose measures to inform recovery and resilience building.

To implement this study, UNDP is seeking the services of a statistician to join a team of experts in undertaking the study. The team includes an international consultant (lead), lead national economic and business expert, and the expert on gender and social aspects of the assignment.



The overall objective of the study is to comprehensively examine the economic and social effects, including the gendered dimensions of the Covid-19 pandemic in Seychelles as well as disruptions in the global business and supply chains affecting Seychelles.

  • Identify the magnitude and dimensions of the outbreak, through a multi-sectoral and dimensional approach;
  • Assess the economic, gender, and social issues of the outbreak (also from a migrant worker perspective), highlighting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the overall health systems; governance structure and capacity, as well as other policy and institutional factors that affect the responses and coping mechanisms;
  • Undertake a succinct impact assessment of the fiscal measures and other schemes being implemented within the existing response plan of Government. The impact assessment will further be conducted through a gender-sensitive lens;
  • Based on the results of the analysis and impact assessment, provide technical advisory support and recommendations to guide evidence-based policy making that is also gender sensitive towards recovery;
  • Assess the immediate and medium-term effects on economic growth and strategic sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, transport, migrants, fishing, SMEs trade, the informal sector and especially cross border trade and the related activities;
  • Examine the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 outbreak, including loss in productivity and jobs, or disruptions of livelihoods, and gendered dimensions;
  • Discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak will impact on the UN agencies programmatic engagements. including how the UN could respond to the short- and medium-term impacts especially in the context of a high-income country with the vulnerabilities of a small island state.



  1. Support the preparation of the inception report detailing the analytical approaches to be undertaken
  2. Generate a catalogue of traditional and non-traditional data sources including national surveys, and other macro and micro data on Seychelles, drawn from local and international sources.
  3. Undertake data analytics using the above sources as guided by the international consultant and study team.
  4. Prepare a report on data analysis to inform the study.
  5. Participate in progress meetings and make presentations on data issues as will be guided by the international consultant


  1. Inception Report capturing the conceptual framework, methodology, roadmap, outline of the report, and the breakdown of tasks by the International Consultant and the National Consultants
  2. Comprehensive draft report reviewed and accepted by UNDP and the project steering committee
  3. Recovery Framework and Policy Options
  4. On approval of Final report (max of 45 pages)


The study will be conducted within 10 days worked within six weeks starting from the date the contract is being awarded and signed and not end later than 30th September 2020


Home based


Applications should be sent through email : on or before Friday 21 August 2020 - 16:00 hours Seychelles time (GMT+4)


Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability and Submission of financial proposal
Annex B - Model Contact IC
Annex D - P11

Terms of Reference

Please submit only Annex A and Annex D mandatorily.