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National Consultant for conceptualisation of Animated Cartoon for Mass Sensitisation on Gender Equality
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline :23-Aug-20
Posted on :14-Aug-20
Reference Number :69005
Link to Atlas Project :
00102319 - Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency
Documents :
Annex A - Letter of Interest and Availability
Annex B - Model Contract IC
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Overview :

PROJECT # 104411 - IDPSE

National Consultant for conceptualisation of Animated Cartoon for Mass Sensitisation on Gender Equality


Gender equality should be understood as encompassing equality of access to resources, power, respect, and status and standing between women and men.

In a bid to effectively address existing inequality at different levels of society, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare (MGEFW) has been sustaining various Awareness Campaigns and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) programmes geared towards behavioural change across the population at large. Where in some extent, these measures have been fruitful, the MGEFW is now strengthening existing national gender awareness campaign efforts by leveraging on innovative technologies such as animation cartoons that are attention-grabbing visuals for different target groups.


The technical services of a National Consultant are being sought to conceptualise and produce one (1) animated cartoon of 5-6 minutes, with audio and video formats.

This consultancy is a package of “from idea, conceptualisation to production”, namely, to conceptualise and produce a 2D animated cartoon on gender. The process will follow the animated video production pipeline including: Research; Conceptualisation; Script drafting; production of Style Frames and Storyboard; sample animated video; VO and music; Submission of Full video; Finalisation and support.

The Consultant would be required to produce an animated cartoon of high quality compelling animated videos with audio that detail the factors that constitute barriers to attain gender equality with practical actions to improve the state of gender equality in Mauritius.

Specifically, the Consultant will development and produce the animation.

These stages will be broken down as follows:

1.   Development of concept and script

  • Research on the different themes and come up with a concept and storyline.
  • Pre-test the concept with a storyboard. Incorporate the feedback and give a revised concept for approval
  • Develop characters based on the approved script and storyline
  • Agree on animation style, preferably in 2D,white boarding, voice roadway and style, branding, layout, colour scheme and stakeholder visibility.

NOTE: Preferably, the cartoon should be edited into Creole.

2.   Production of animation

  • Production of the master animation, clean up and test
  • Include the voice, titles, relevant credits and logos and agreed layout style.
  • Develop the cartoon of 5-6 minutes long, ensuring the character represent reality with correct titling, voice tracks, visibility and music.
  • Submit final cartoon with audio for sign offSave the final animated cartoon, in video and audio in an easy to share format and support in dissemination of the video.

The cartoon concept and script shall revolve around the following crucial elements in advancing gender equality and parity.

  1. Equality at the Social Level
  2. Equality in the Educational Cycle / Career Path
  3. Equality in the Workplace
  4. Women in decision-making instances
  5. Empowerment of Women
  6. Gender Roles
  7. Violence Against Women


The Consultant will carry out a first desk review of the existing situation of gender equality in Mauritius. The Consultant will further hold consultative meetings with the technical committee established at the level of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare from pre-production to post-production to guide the development of the animated cartoon. A demonstration of the first sample of the animation and radio message will be conducted with final sign-off from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare prior to delivery.

Candidates should produce written evidence of experience/knowledge claimed.



This assignment is for duration of 45 days starting on 01 September 2020 and ending on or before 30 October 2020


The consultant will work home-based in Mauritius


Applications should be sent through email on or before Sunday 23 August 2020 - 16:00 hours Mauritius time (GMT+4)

Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability and Submission of financial proposal
Annex B - Model Contact IC
Annex D - P11
Terms of Reference

Please submit only Annex A and Annex D mandatorily.