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Individual Consultant Development Editor Common Country Analysis
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :28-Aug-20
Posted on :19-Aug-20
Development Area :OTHER  
Reference Number :69174
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Individual Consultant Development Editor Common Country Analysis
Advert Development Editor Common Country Analysis
Overview :

The United Nations Sustainable Development Framework (UNSDF) 2017 defines and facilitates the delivery of a partnership between Botswana and the UNDS that reflects the requirements for achieving the 2030 Agenda as adapted to national and local contexts and reflected in the Botswana Vision 2036. Aligned to NDP 11, the UNSDF 2017-2021, focus is on inclusive partnerships for the delivery of a broadly shared agenda to achieve sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection.  It reflects a stronger partnership between the Government of Botswana and the United Nations to achieve the SDGs.

The United Nations is Botswana is conducting the Common Country Analysis (CCA). The CCA is to provide an up-to-date assessment of progress, gaps, opportunities and bottlenecks vis-à-vis a country’s commitment to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. This will be a live document that is updated periodically.


The main objective of this consultancy is to review and contribute to analyses undertaken by UN Staff and to consolidate these analyses into one document—The Common Country Analysis (CCA). There is ample guidance that will be shared with the consultant that outlines the requirements of the CCA and the editorial standards which the document needs to meet. The consultant will have to ensure that the consolidation process leads to one consistent narrative. There are critical themes as well as UN norms and standards, that need to be emphasized. A ‘Leave no one Behind’ approach will be mainstreamed throughout the document. Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help provide the normative framing and a risk analysis/assessment is to be evident in the analyses.

The consultant will be briefed in detail about the CCA and will be expected to read up on all the guidance pertaining to it.  .