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Anthropological Study Specialist- to support the Customs and Traditional Governance Bill
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - Solomon Islands - SOLOMON ISLANDS
Deadline :21-Sep-20
Posted on :01-Sep-20
Reference Number :69620
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00121738 - Inclusive Governance of Natural Resources-PBF 3
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Overview :

The Bills and Legislative Committee (BLC) Report have made several important recommendations as
way forward to better improve the Traditional Governance proposed law (Traditional Governance and
Customs Facilitation Bill 2018). One of the key recommendations, that is recommendation number two
(2) of the BLC report directed that a research study into the cultural anthropology of the various
traditional governance systems in Solomon Islands to be carried out. That is the basis for this proposed
research study work.  

During the National Symposium on Traditional Governance convened for traditional leaders across
Solomon Islands by the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA)
in September 2019, the traditional leaders have made strong emphasis on the importance of adhering
to the BLC recommendations, and amongst others is the recommendation to carry out cultural
anthropological study into various traditional governance systems and structures existed in Solomon
Islands societies. That will properly inform the proposed bill on the diverse traditional governance
systems and structures that existed in Solomon Islands societies from time immemorial.  

This research study is fundamentally important for this Traditional Governance proposed law as it will
inform the important areas and requirements to focus on, which will then guide the reframing of the
next processes leading to the new or perfected version of the Traditional Governance and Customs
Facilitation Bill 2018. This therefore sets the basis for engagement of a consultant that will work
collaboratively with the Ministry’s responsible team to effectively carry this research work.