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SDG Advocacy Consultant
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo - JAPAN
Deadline :09-Nov-20
Posted on :25-Oct-20
Reference Number :69792
Link to Atlas Project :
00020051 - Organizational Effectiveness towards Development Outputs
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Overview :



The UN SDG Action Campaign is a special inter-agency initiative of the UN Secretary- General mandated to scale up, broaden and sustain the global movement of action for the SDGs. The UN SDG Action Campaign is administered by UNDP and works under the assumption that the SDGs will only be achieved if everyone takes action and engages with SDG planning and review processes.


The UN SDG Action Campaign has held the SDG Global Festival of Action annually since 2017, a ground-breaking event designed by, and for, the international SDG action community. The Global Festival of Action aims to create an inspiring and inclusive space to celebrate, empower, and connect the global community driving action for the SDGs. 


The” SDG Global Festival of Action from Japan” (hereafter “Festival”) will be held as a part of the SDG Global Festival of Action in late March 2021, connecting Japan and Germany with joint sessions. The Festival will be jointly organized by UNDP and the Japan SDG Action Promotion Council, with Kanagawa Prefecture serving as its secretariat. The event will be entirely held online from studios based in Japan and Germany.


The Festival aims to inspire and accelerate the advocacy, mobilization and campaigning efforts of multiple stakeholders on the SDGs. It is an opportunity to share a variety of useful knowledge, experience, and best practices on taking action for the SDGs and contributing to accelerate progress on SDG implementation, among SDG actors in and beyond Japan as well as to strengthen strategic collaboration between a wide range of constituencies both internationally and locally.


Based at the UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo, the SDG Advocacy Consultant will support the UNDP Representation Office and the UN SDG Action Campaign -in close cooperation with the UN agencies and Japanese partners- for the organization of the Festival. The SDG Advocacy Consultant will act as the event coordinator in Tokyo, supporting the UN SDG Action Campaign in developing the concept, programme, and messaging of the event while taking responsibility for the budgeting, preparation and management of logistical issues and arrangements related to hosting the online meeting. The scope of the role will bridge substantive input, partnership and relationship building as well as project management and oversight of logistical and practical requirements of hosting the meeting, including areas such an event service provision, online platform, and procurement. The role requires end-to-end delivery of a two days’ event with support, oversight, mentoring and advice provided by the UN SDG Action Campaign. The consultant will work at the UNDP Tokyo Reorientation Office in principle, but may be allowed to work from home if necessary. He/she may be required to travel to Yokohama for meetings with stakeholders of the Festival.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the overall supervision of Global Events Manager, UN SDG Action Campaign and the day-to-day supervision of UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo, the consultant is expected to perform the following duties in close collaboration with the Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council and its secretariat, Kanagawa Prefecture:


1. Conceptual and programme development

  • Act as the event coordinator in Tokyo. With the support of the UN SDG Action Campaign s/he will be requested to;
  • Develop the overall concept and programme of the Festival;
  • Identify key partners and their activities to invite as speakers, facilitators, resource people for the event;
  • Prepare agenda drafts and documentation to be shared with invitees.


2. Outreach and participant management

  • Outreach to potential SDG partners in Japan and the UN agencies based in Japan as advised by the UN SDG Action Campaign and UNDP Tokyo Office to ensure their participation and inputs;
  • Establish with UN SDG Action Campaign team and UNDP Tokyo the list of speakers, facilitators, resource people and invitees;
  • Act as the focal contact to liaise with partners, speakers, facilitators, resource people and invitees;


3. Logistical preparation and coordination of the conference:

  • Budget planning for the Festival and monitor the budget;
  • Perform the preparatory work required to conduct various types of sessions, including 1) the development of concept, themes, contents, and implementation methods of various types of sessions, 2) implementation of procurement and payment procedures, and 3) compilation of documents and materials required for a settlement report;
  • Manage schedule for the event secretariat, contracted vendors and partners.
  • Coordinate with online event support vendors that build a digital platform, pre-record sessions, edit videos, and broadcast sessions during the event;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions and appoint  sub-contractors;
  • Send out invitations to participants, speakers, facilitators, invitees. Prepare registration list;
  • Facilitate travel arrangements for participants as needed;
  • Ensure studios, audiovisual equipment, service maintenance, and light catering are ready. Arrange simultaneous interpretation;
  • Prepare and distribute communications materials;
  • Record and take minutes;
  • Perform other functions as may be assigned by the Office consistent with qualifications and experience.


4. Compilation of Outputs of the Festival

  • Prepare a draft concept and outline of a recommendation report that describe innovative and effective solutions to development issues based on the result of each session;
  • Prepare a final report on the assignment at the end of the contract