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National Consultant for IT
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :Timor-Leste - TIMOR LESTE
Deadline :21-Sep-20
Posted on :08-Sep-20
Reference Number :69804
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Documents :
Individual Contract_Offerors Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability
UN P11 form
IC General Terms
Overview :

UNDP Timor Leste is looking for National Consultant for IT will work under the Decentralization of Public Administration Project, UNDP Governance Unit and will focus on the following area:

I.             Technical and coordinative support in the implementation of project the Decentralization of Public Administration Project;

II.            Technical and coordinative support in the implementation of Municipal Portal in Ministry of State Administration and Municipalities

III.           Capacity building and support the civil servants and other local actors in the area of decentralization focus on the implementation of open data portal

The overall objective of the assignment of the National Consultant for IT is to coordinate the technical team in the ministry as well as in municipalities to deliver quality output, as planned in the implementation of Municipal Portal project as following:

a)            Providing technical support to Municipal Portal implementation and development, including its administration and maintenance services.

b)            Providing training to public servants at municipal and MSA level on data management.

B.     Project Description

 Since the beginning of the country, decentralization has been considered a tool for the nation’s development. Initial steps towards this process began nearly 10 years ago with the territorial administrative division of Timor-Leste and the initiation of the deconcentrating process.  In 2016, progress was seen with the establishment of four Municipal Authorities (Baucau, Bobonaro, Ermera, and Dili) and eight Municipal Administrations (Aileu, Ainaro, Cova Lima, Lautem, Liquica, Manatuto, Manufahi, and Viqueque) in the country. This was further reinforced by the adoption of a new Suco Law in 2016 and the Decree Laws 4/2014 and 3/2016. In 2019, with the Government Resolution N 11/2019, the government reaffirmed its “commitment and determination to implement the Strategy for Decentralization”. To make this process possible and further consolidate local development in the country, new skills and capacities need to be built, particularly in the areas of finance, administration, procurement, management, transparency, as well as data collection and analysis.  In order to address the abovementioned challenges, the project “Supporting Decentralisation of Public Administration through Effective Delivery of Public Services at Municipal Level (Decentralization of Public Administration Project)” will promote informed policy development and capacity building of municipal public servants. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to Timor-Leste's sustainable development. More specifically, it aims to support the deconcentration and decentralization process, bringing governance, public administration and services closer to people, for both women and men, giving special attention to the needs and priorities of people living in vulnerable situations.

The project activities were designed around three different components which will contribute to three main expected results:

        Result 1: Strengthened capacity of the National Parliament in Timor-Leste;

        Result 2: Improved capacity of municipal public servants to deliver services at local level;

        Result 3: Improved capacity of local institutions to collect, analyse and use reliable and timely socio-environmental disaggregated data (development of a Municipal Portal).

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