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UNDP/PN/37/2020 - National Consultant – Urban Resilience Planning Expert
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :28-Sep-20
Posted on :14-Sep-20
Reference Number :70097
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00061320 - Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme
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UNDP/PN/37/2020 - National Consultant – Urban Resilience Planning Expert
Overview :

Country: NEPAL

Description of the assignment:

Nepal is undergoing rapid urbanization with significant increase in the urban population. In 2011, only  17%  of  the  urban  population  was  residing  in  58  urban  municipalities,  with  the increase in urban municipalities to 217 in the year 2015, the urban population  has increased to 40%. After federal restructuring, the number of urban municipalities has further increased to 293. Hence the urban population has increased with increase in number of urban municipalities, rather administrative transformation of rural municipalities to urban. While urban areas are “engines of growth” providing stimulus to the national development, urban development  takes  place  in  a  haphazardly  manner  without  adequate  considerations  of  social, economic,  environmental  and  risk  factors,  and  as  a  result,  many  urban  areas  are  exposing themselves to future disaster and climate risks.

As per the new federal governance system  in  Nepal,  the  local  governments  (urban  and  rural municipalities), are mandated for playing a key role in developing sustainable and resilient cities, including  visioning,  planning  and  implementation.  While, most of  the  policy  and institutional  strengthening  work  related  to  resilience  building  at  the  federal  level  is  yet  to  be cascaded  down  to  the  sub-national  level.  The  new  local  entities,  overwhelmed  with infrastructure development demands, are likely to focus on short-term investments, at the expense of long-term resilience.

UNDP plans to support the newly formed Local Governments of Nepal in building their capacities for developing a long-term vision for inclusive, sustainable urban development in the form of urban resilience roadmap. UNDP’s integrated urban offer includes support for analysis of current and  future  risks  and  development  priorities  across  the  sectors  to  feed  in  the  process  of developing an urban resilience road map to ensure low-carbon, smart and climate resilient urban development.  The  process  of  roadmap  formulation  will  be  guided  by  on-going  NDC enhancement  process  and  National  and  Local  Adaptation  Planning  processes  through implementing  the  commitments  of  making  the  cities  low-carbon  and  climate  resilient.  The current COVID-19 pandemic has added further risks to the urban areas as most of the quarantines and isolation centers are built in urban areas with high concentration of people in those areas. The  roadmap  formulation  process  will  guide  on  investing  for  infrastructure  and  capacities  to address the risk from COVID-19 pandemic and other future shocks.

UNDP plans to engage an Urban Resilience Planning Expert to support one of Nepal’s urban municipalities as pilot (Waling municipality in Gandaki Province). By leveraging various tools and expertise  the  Expert  will  support  the  municipality  in  resilience-building  pathways  vis-à-vis  its overall development plan, for development of an “integrated resilience road map”. This roadmap will  encompass  prevalent  risks  and  vulnerabilities  to  inform  holistic,  low-carbon,  climate  and disaster resilient development plan of the municipality and forms strong basis for achieving the SDGs. The work will be built on UNDP’s past work on RSLUP and urban risk governance, e-BPS, urban platform and will be guided by National and Provincial DRRM Policy and Strategic Action Plan, SDG Baselines, NDCs, and Nepal’s urban strategy.

Project name: Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP)

Period of assignment/services (if applicable): 100 Days (September– December 2020)

Proposal should be submitted by email to not later than 1730 hours (Nepal Standard Time) of 28 September 2020 mentioning reference No. UNDP/PN/37/2020 – Urban Resilience Planning Expert.