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Technical Feasibility Pre-Assessment Consultant
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :07-Oct-20
Posted on :16-Sep-20
Reference Number :70272
Link to Atlas Project :
Non-UNDP Project
Overview :

The objective of the assignment is to generate a technical  feasibility report and a technical solution to support the development of a demonstration Public Private Partnership (PPP) related to urban and light industrial waste disposal.   

Pre-feasibility analysis is one of the most critical steps in the initial decision-making process for project development. Before an investment decision is made and further more detailed studies are commissioned it is necessary to determine whether or not the planned investment idea is feasible. The pre-feasibility of an investment idea within the context of this ToR has to be considered with respect to several different aspects in order to determine whether the investment should be realized or not. The initial financial feasibility study has been completed and provides the broad costing and revenue streams for the waste to energy project based on international norms. This fincnail fasibility will be utilised by the consultant to set the scope for the choice of suitable processes, plan and operatonal set up.  

The objective of this consultancy is to generate a  Technical Pre-Feasibility for two (very similar) Investment projects that , that have been pre-identified through consultation with the municipalities and central government. The consultant will generate a technical review, providing suitable costed options for waste to energy conversion, description of plant, civil engineering requiremnets and a cost benefit analysis of the solution.

The format of the technical prefeasilibity reports (total pages approx. 40) + annexes will include but not be limited to the following key sections:

  • Project Summary (300 words)
  • Financing / Cost Information
  • Detailed Project Description
  • Technical solution, plant and process
  • Civils works required
  • Cost benefit analysis for the process when compared against current operations
  • Risk analysis matrix
  • Power point presentation

The consultancy will support the formulation of technical inputs making refrence and using assumptions provided in the UNCDF PIM that contains CAPEX and OPEX Information.

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