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Consultancy Services to Conduct Detailed Feasibility Study of a Green Mini-Grid System for Jinack Island, North Bank Region of The Gambia
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Banjul - GAMBIA
Deadline :22-Oct-20
Posted on :13-Oct-20
Reference Number :71415
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00109904 - Disaster Risk and Natural Resource Management
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As part of the implementation of the GMG Country Programme for The Gambia, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy intends to conduct additional GMG feasibility study for the island communities of Jinack (Kajata and Niji) located in the Lower Nuimi District in the North Bank Region of The Gambia. The island of Jinack is home to the Nuimi National Forest Park, which was gazette in 1986 under section 5.2 of the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1977 as a protected area. The two communities of Jinack were originally planned to be electrified through grid extension as part of a pipeline access project. For this reason, Jinack island was excluded from the 10 sites selected for the GMG feasibility study. However, the ESIA for the grid extension project later indicated that due to environmental, social and biodiversity impact concerns, the island is not suitable for grid extension, which would require transversing the protected Nuimi Forest Park.

As a result, the only considered mode of electrification is through a green mini-grid or standalone home systems. It is in light of the above that the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, with support from UNDP, seeks the services of a consultant to conduct a detailed green mini-grid feasibility assessment for the electrification of Jinack Island.


The objective of this assignment is to conduct a detailed feasibility study for a green mini-grid and associated environmental and social impact assessment for Jinack island in the North Bank Region. The outcome of the assignment will inform the GoTG and partners of the technical and financial requirements for the electrification of Jinack through a green mini-grid.


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