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Economist for the Assessment of Macro-Economic Stimulus Actions in Response to COVID-19 in Egypt
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - EGYPT
Deadline :03-Nov-20
Posted on :20-Oct-20
Reference Number :71675
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00127943 - Inclusive COVID-19 Response
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Economist for the Assessment of Macro-Economic Stimulus Actions in Response to COVID-19 in Egypt
Overview :

Egypt, like many other countries was hit by the COVID-19 crisis, causing severe impact on the socioeconomic situation. The crisis interrupted a remarkable improvement in Egypt’s economic performance following the implementation of recent reforms supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As an immediate response to the crisis and in order to prevent the pandemic from spreading rapidly across the whole of society, the Government of Egypt (GoE) took urgent measures to resolve risks and impacts of COVID-19.The private sector, which is recognized as an engine for growth and job creation, is currently struggling due to health mitigation measures and to the broader economic impact of the crisis. The size and employment of the MSME sector, and in particular of Small, Micro and informal enterprises, makes it the key sector for the social resilience and later, for the economic recovery of Egypt in the face of COVID-19. On the social front, vulnerable groups with fewer resources to protect themselves from health risks, access healthcare, access clean water and sanitation, and/ or pay for essential goods are the most affected by COVID-19 and also benefited from emergency socio-economic measures taken by the Government.

The GoE took early measures to support the economy and mitigate the impact of the crisis, but not enough is known about the different ways the Egyptian economy has benefitted from emergency measures and about the disaggregated needs for resilience and for an orderly recovery. Moreover, the announced measures and policies are considered as an immediate response to the crisis and there is a need to plan for more support and to determine the needed actions, policies, and measures that will best support recovery and accelerated economic growth after COVID crisis and in the medium term.In this context and within the framework of the project “Supporting an Inclusive and Multi-Sectoral Response to COVID-19 and Addressing its Socio-Economic Impact in Egypt” under the oversight of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED), UNDP seeks the service of a consultant to conduct an Assessment of GoE -Economic Stimulus Actions in Response to COVID-19 as per the below.The proposed consultant will rely on available data and will therefore not be collecting primary data and will not be required to gather information from GoE officials.