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International Consultant, Needs Analysis Credit Guarantee Corporation Cambodia - Home-based with possible travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Bangkok, Thailand
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :17-Jan-21
Posted on :12-Jan-21
Reference Number :74437
Link to Atlas Project :
Non-UNDP Project
Overview :

The main objective of the assignment is to support the CEO of the CGCC to generate a comprehensive Organisational Development and Hunan Resource Capacity strategic plan and business case to act as a blueprint for continuous professional development of the GCGG, its management team and staff. The strategic plan and business case will additionally be used to develop a time bound road map. Consolidating critical organisational and human resource development issues, products and that are explicitly linked to phase I and phase II timelines the road map will serve to expedite the operationalisation of the CGCC and provide clear policy pathways for phase I and phase II services as described in the CGCC policy framework document.


The consultant will deliver the following within the framework of the consultancy:

  1. A work plan indicating timebound milestone deliverables and list of required meetings and consultation to enable the work to be completed;
  2. Draft table of contents with key strategic notes and bullet points included under the main headings of the table of contents for approval by the CEO of the CGCC;   
  3. Comprehensive strategic development plan for CGCC in general alignment to the above criteria;
  4. Timebound strategic implementation road map for CSDG development plan highlighting steps, critical milestones and DP inputs including financial commitment for phase I and phase II development of the CGCC as discussed in the associated policy framework.

For full details, please access: UNCDF Jobs - 96175- International Consultant, Needs Analysis Credit Gu (