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National Coordinator for a GEF PPG Project on Human Wildlife Conflict in Southern Africa
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNEP South Africa - SOUTH AFRICA
Deadline :28-Jan-21
Posted on :13-Jan-21
Reference Number :74459
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The Government of South Africa has acquired Project Preparation Grant (PPG) funds from the GEF through UNEP for development of a project titled: “Reducing Human Wildlife Conflict through an Evidence-based and Integrated Approach in Southern Africa”. The PPG funds are for assisting to prepare a Full-Sized Project (FSP) document, based on the approved project proposal concept note. The project focusses on Human-Wildlife
Conflict (HWC) related to the Trans frontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) of the SADC region with the elephant as the target species.
The PPG phase is considered as a preparatory phase and its final output will be a UNEP /GEF project document and GEF CEO Endorsement Request submitted to and approved by UNEP and GEF, with all the required supporting information. The PPG phase will need to support various data collection efforts and undertake validation of the indicative outcomes and outputs contained in the PIF; the development of a costed Monitoring & Evaluation plan including appropriate indicators and baseline; and the development of a participatory plan to involve communities and Government stakeholders as well as agreed on implementation arrangements and cofinancing. The final output of the PPG phase will be a UNEP GEF project document and GEF CEO EndorsementRequest submitted to and approved by UNEP and GEF, with all required supporting annexes.