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IC 124810 Mainstreaming Violence Against Women and Girls Data Collection & Analysis into Jamaica Injury Surveillance System
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :04-Mar-21
Posted on :18-Feb-21
Reference Number :75526
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00122782 - Spotlight Initiative- Jamaica
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Overview :

Consultancy:       Mainstreaming Violence Against Women and Girls Data Collection & Analysis into Jamaica Injury Surveillance System

Project Title:     Spotlight Initiative Jamaica

Country: Jamaica

Post Level: International Consultant

Type of Consultancy: Individual Consultancy

Expected start date:  March 2021

Period of assignment/services: 40 days over a 4 month period


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development places gender equality at its core to achieve the SDGs, with the elimination of violence against women and girls as a crucial component. In September 2017, the EU and the UN launched an ambitious joint partnership to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls worldwide called the Spotlight Initiative (SI). The Spotlight Initiative aims at mobilizing the commitment of political leaders to end violence against women and girls and thereby contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The overall vision of the Spotlight Initiative in Jamaica is that women and girls realize their full potential in a violence-free, gender-responsive and inclusive way. The program will contribute to the elimination of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) through the creation of a broad partnership with Civil Society, Government, Private Sector, Media, among others; and, build a social movement of women, men, girls, boys and other vulnerable people as champions and agents of change at the national, subnational and community levels. A specific focus will be on reaching and including in the program women and girls who are often isolated and most vulnerable to sexual & gender-based violence (SGBV) and harmful practices (HP) due to intersecting forms of discrimination. The program will also seek to address the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) needs of all women and girls in all their diversity using a life-cycle approach. The SI involves six pillars premised on implementation SDG target 5.2 under the principle of “leaving no one behind” as follows:


1. Legislative and Policy Framework

2. Strengthening Institutions

3. Prevention and Social Norms

4. Delivery of Quality, Essential Services

5. Data Availability and Capacities

6. Supporting the Women’s Movement

The Spotlight Initiative’s Country Programme Document (CPD) aligns with the National Strategic Action Plan on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls (NSAP-GBV). Based on local GBV data, four parishes - (Clarendon, Westmoreland, St. Thomas and Kingston and St. Andrew) will be targeted under the Spotlight Initiative. This consultancy falls under Pillar 5 – Strengthening Data Availability & Capacities which seeks to enhance the capacity of institutions to produce quality, disaggregated globally comparable data for analysis and to inform laws, policies & programmes.

The Jamaica Injury Surveillance System (JISS) is operated by the Ministry of Health and provides data on the profile of intentional and unintentional injuries seen and treated. A working group designed an expanded injury surveillance system based on the International Classification of External Causes of Injury. The expanded system allowed for the collection of data on all injuries seen in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments by adding four injury projects to the computerized Accident & Emergency (A&E) registration process. These were (1) unintentional injury, (2) violence-related injury, (3) suicide attempt (also known as intentional self-harm) and (4) motor vehicle-related injuries. The expanded JISS was implemented at the Kingston Public Hospital with the long-term objective to implement in all major hospitals and health centres on the island. In collaboration with police data and community-based surveys, JISS can be used to complete the risk profiles for different types of injuries and can be used to track and monitor family violence, including violence against women and girls in the form of intimate partner violence (IPV). The data generated can then form the basis for the design and monitoring of prevention programmes, as well as serve to support and evaluate policy, legislative control measures and measures that impact on interventions1.

In consideration of the Spotlight target parishes and building on the work done to date, this consultancy seeks to implement the expanded JISS system into two parishes selected for SI implementation-St Thomas (Princess Margaret Hospital) and Clarendon (Lionel Town Hospital).


Scope of Work:

The main objectives of the consultancy are to : (a) conduct a readiness assessment of two hospitals -Lionel Town & Princess Margaret and (b) support the Ministry of Health with the implementation of the updated JISS.


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