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Oslo III: Technical coordination for digital conference
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Oslo Governance Centre - NORWAY
Deadline :06-May-21
Posted on :29-Apr-21
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :76000
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00111964 - OGC - Governance in Crisis and Transitions
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Overview :

The UNDP Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) is UNDP’s Global Policy Centre for policy development and applied research with an overarching focus on democratic governance and peacebuilding in crisis, conflict and transitional contexts. The OGC sits within the Governance and Peacebuilding Cluster, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS), UNDP. It engages with Norwegian, Nordic and other partners from the South in undertaking applied research and developing policy options and tools for governance support in post-crisis and post-conflict environments, in order to find practical solutions on the ground. One of the priority areas for the OGC is the advancement of the research agenda on Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE). 

UNDP's approach to PVE aims to address two related trends: the rise of violent extremism, and the governance of increasingly diverse and multi-cultural societies. At the heart of UNDP's approach is a belief that better governance in diversity will lead to societies better prepared to deal with violent extremism as outlined in UNDP's strategy on 'Preventing Violent Extremism through Inclusive Development and the Promotion of Tolerance and Respect for Diversity'.

The UNDP OGC has hosted two global meetings on PVE bringing together practitioners, decision-makers and academics from around the world to discuss the challenges, opportunities and unique roles played by development actors in efforts to address the root causes of violent extremism. The meetings helped to establish the OGC as the global focal point within UNDP to shape, monitor, gather, organize, disseminate and advise on research and knowledge generation relating to the PVE field. We are now planning the third such meeting in the hopes that it will give people from around the world affected by violent extremism an opportunity to share their experiences with policy-makers, practitioners and researchers. These experiences will range from radicalization to rehabilitation and seek to inform the global PVE community of the current state of extremism across different contexts.

In light of the pandemic, the conference will be held fully online over three days (14-16th June 2021). In this regard, each session will need to be set up and coordinated online to ensure the conference runs smoothly and professionally. Additionally, each of the sessions will need to be livestreamed either directly to, or linked to, the dedicated Oslo III webpage (in development), which will also house the accompanying resources to each session.

2. Scope of the work

Over three days, there will be approximately 17 one-hour long sessions. For each day, a registration link to the platform (zoom or otherwise) will need to be linked to a separate dedicated Oslo III conference website currently under development for participant registration. For each session, a link and technical guidance will also need to be sent to each of the speakers participating in the conference and speakers will need access to technical support as required leading up to their session. Within each of the sessions, technical coordination will need to be provided (e.g. camera spotlight/mute settings, presentation/video sharing, chat/Q&A function etc.).

Additionally, each of the sessions will need to be securely livestreamed either directly to, or linked to, the dedicated Oslo III webpage, which will also house the accompanying resources to each session.

Session Technical Coordination

  • The setting up of links for both participants and speakers to the chosen platform (either a link per session or one link per day depending on practicality)
  • Coordinating the registration for the conference with an optional reminder notification system for particular sessions, coordinating with the web developer to ensure the registration link works well on the Oslo III conference site, developing the reminder notification system for individual sessions of interest to participants, checking the registered participants list for potential ‘bad actors’ and complying with GDPR standards when housing participant/speaker information, sending the conference platform link to all secure registered participants, along with a calendar invite and reminder message closer to the session date. Coordinating with the Oslo III organisers to send any follow-up information to speakers/participants as required
  • Coordination with speakers on any technical issues such as connectivity up to and including the session date
  • Collecting bios, presentations and videos presented by speakers/presented by OGC as part of the session
  • Coordination with web developer company to professionally present introductory videos within sessions
  • Coordinating with the translation company procured to ensure simultaneous translation of all sessions
  • Creating a detailed ‘run of show’ document including the technical coordination needed to ensure the smooth running of the agenda
  • Coordinating all technical aspects within each of the sessions (e.g. ensuring the camera spotlights the right speaker, ensuring other participants are muted, ensuring presentations/videos are shared with share screen etc.)
  • Coordinating the chat and Q&A function, updating the chat function with resources/speaker bios provided. Creating a standardized manner of Q&A in order for the moderator to have clear access to questions.


To ensure that each session is live-streamed onto an existing or unique platform (linked to the Oslo III webpage) with the following qualities:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Interoperability: Cross-browser and Cross-platform: Compatible with different browsers and various devices
  • Performance: Quick load and quick navigation
  • Reliability: Bug-free and fully operational
  • Security: Vulnerability-free and immune to various malicious attacks and hazards.

See attached RFQ for more detailed information.