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CCTV Maintenance Service for the UN House
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Gambia - GAMBIA
Deadline :03-May-21
Posted on :19-Apr-21
Reference Number :77606
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00058370 - Support Capacity Development of National Assembly
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Overview :

The Common Services provides function approach to ensuring that Agencies engage on joint business operations with the purpose of eliminating duplication, leveraging the common bargaining power of the UN and maximizing economies of scale.  With the BOS 2.0 created as a response to a call for simplification and harmonization of the United Nations system, the provision of a common service CCTV Maintenance Services will be in support of a more effective programme delivery on the 2030 Agenda mandating all United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) to ensure compliance with an improved BOS by 2021.

The Project will critical respond to the BOS implementation in ensuring a common back office as well as cost savings for Agencies within the UN House.

Specific Tasks and Scope of Service

  • Determination of the number of cameras, and their locations, required to monitor the agreed zones and objects.
  • Intended target(s) of the surveillance and the frame rate appropriate to the target’s speed within the location under surveillance.
  • Response required on detection of an event.
  • Manner in which images will be viewed and recorded.
  • How data will be exported from the system to permanent record.
  • Individuals who will require access to the recorded data.
  • Selection of cameras and equipment depending on the operating environmental conditions.
  • Control center configuration including secure location of control equipment.
  • Power supplies; the use of a mini UPS System should be considered in situations where there is no UPS in place.
  • Functional and operating procedures.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Evaluation of existing lighting and consideration of new or additional illumination including the use of Infra-Red cameras or lamps.
  • Image resolution required.
  • Determination of the most appropriate transmission method to be utilized.
  • Compression technique to be used in recording (where appropriate).

Key deliverables:

•           Conduct a site survey and make a thorough assessment of the current state of the IP/CCTV system; Monthly inspection and quarterly maintenance of existing system; Train the Local Security Assistant (UNDSS)


  • Service Provider shall have been operating the business and engaged in providing CCTV services for at least five (5) years. Has licensed technicians and maintains an up to date GPPA certificate


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