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RFQ: SenseMaker Specialists - Support to the evaluation of UNDP Youth Economic Empowerment
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :Independent Evaluation Office - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Deadline :04-May-21
Posted on :20-Apr-21
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :77671
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00020162 - Organizational Effectiveness towards Development Outputs
Documents :
RFQ Document - YEE SenseMaker
Annex 1: Terms of Reference
Annexes 2 & 3: Submission Forms
Overview :

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is undertaking an evaluation of UNDP work on Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE).  

The evaluation aims to provide UNDP Management and stakeholders with an assessment of the results of UNDP YEE work, lessons learnt, and recommendations on the way forward. The evaluation will focus on the period 2015-20.

The evaluation will cover UNDP YEE work at global, regional, and country level. It will consider how the needs and potential of youth as a key UNDP constituency have been integrated in strategies, initiatives, partnerships and management tools, and with what results and lessons learned. Dedicated projects and initiatives to promote YEE through skills development, job opportunities, access to finance and policy engagement will be analyzed as part of UNDP’s overall support to eradicate poverty and keep people out of poverty, considering economic inequalities.

Specific attention will be paid to UNDP’s support to youth during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to efforts at leaving no one behind, including young women and other marginalized groups (e.g. people with disabilities, indigenous groups, LGBTI community). Partnerships and collaborations to promote more integrated efforts will be considered, with a “whole-of-system”, “whole-of-society” and “whole-of-government” approach.

The evaluation will assess UNDP YEE work focusing on the following criteria: relevance, coherence, effectiveness, and sustainability of UNDP support in achieving its objectives.

The IEO is hiring a firm specialized in the use of SenseMaker to support the YEE evaluation. The IEO will use this narrative-based evaluation methodology to assess UNDP results and contribution to YEE at global, regional and country level in all the regions UNDP operates (Africa, Arab states, Asia and Pacific, Latin American and the Caribbean, Europe and the CIS).

For more information, please refer to the attached documents:

  • RFQ Document
  • Annex 1: Terms of Reference
  • Annexes 2 & 3: Submission Forms