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National Consultant for the assessment of needs and supervision of the development of a project website
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline :12-May-21
Posted on :29-Apr-21
Reference Number :78031
Link to Atlas Project :
00119794 - Restoring Marine Ecosystem by Rehabilitating Coral Reefs
Documents :
Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability
Annex B - Model Contract IC
Annex D - P11
Terms of Reference
Overview :

National Consultant for the assessment of needs and supervision of the development of a project website for the ‘Restoring Marine Ecosystem Services by Rehabilitating Coral Reefs to Meet a Changing Climate Future’ project


Background / Project Description

The ‘Restoring Marine Ecosystem Services by Rehabilitating Coral Reefs to Meet a Changing Climate Future’ project was approved by the Adaptation Fund in October 2018 following a regional call for proposals under the themes of Food Security and Disaster Risk Reduction. The project budget of USD 10 M will benefit Mauritius and Seychelles through coral restoration activities as well as capacity building programmes and knowledge exchange for the region. The project is implemented under the Direct Implementation Modality (DIM). Executing partners involved are the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) and the Albion Fisheries Research Centre (AFRC) under the aegis of the Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping in the Republic of Mauritius; the Marine Conservation Society (MCSS), Nature Seychelles, the Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment (MACCE) in the Republic of Seychelles. The project implementation started in 2020 and the duration is six years (72 months).

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the impact of climate change on local communities and coral reef-dependent economic sectors in the Republic of Mauritius and the Republic of Seychelles by implementing coral reef restoration with thermal tolerant corals as adaptation to climate change.

In line with the outcomes of the project, a project website should be developed to disseminate information and lessons learned under the project, to act as an exchange forum on practical topics relevant to the coral restoration efforts at scale and to cater for web-based applications such as receipt of complaints and feedback. Under the project, a Regional Scientific Advisory Committee (RSAC) will also be established, and it will be composed of relevant scientists from each target country and including recognised international and regional coral reef restoration experts. The RSAC will be established to advise the Project Steering Committee and to ensure that the activities undertaken through the project are appropriately coordinated and communicated at the regional level. The RSAC will be a virtual committee.


Scope of Work

The duties of the National Consultant shall be in two phases as follows: -

Phase 1: Conceptual Design of website and Selection of Service Provider
• Carry out consultations with the Project Management Team, Responsible Parties from Mauritius and Seychelles and any other relevant stakeholders to identify the requirements of the project website;
• Provide detailed functional and technical requirements for the project website in terms of design, development and hosting, including quality standards as per best industry practices;
• Prepare a conceptual design for the website and a site plan, i.e. propose a website architecture in line with latest best practice in the field;
• Assist the Project Management Team in drafting the terms of reference for the procurement of consultancy services for the design, development and hosting of the project website;
• Form part of the evaluation panel to evaluate the bids received for the procurement of the services for the design, development and hosting of the project website;
• Advise the evaluation panel to ensure value for money procurement;
• Assist the evaluation panel in seeking clarification from the bidders, if required;
• Assist the evaluation panel in finalizing the evaluation report; and
• Assist the evaluation panel in answering any queries until final approval of the evaluation report has been obtained.

Phase 2: Supervision of development of project website – This phase will start once the Service Provider has been contracted
• Supervise the design and development of the website carried out by the awarded contractor to ensure compliance with the requirements of the terms of reference;
• Review the development process to ensure that defect tracking (identification, fixing, retesting and migration of defects) is properly addressed. If not, define the defect tracking process and incorporate it into the overall development process;

• Work with the Project team and the developers to determine the training schedule and deployment needs;
• Review of testing, training plans and user manuals drafted by the awarded contractor;
• Supervise testing and training carried out by the awarded contractor and provide training feedback;
• Review and finalise the hosting, maintenance and support plans (including service level and hosting agreements) proposed by the awarded contractor for post go-live;
• Sign off at each stage and on go-live; and
• Prepare and submit the lessons learnt and project closure report containing all information on the website – which would include, inter alia, the training manuals, the admin manual, the user requirements, website design information technical/hosting specifications, training evaluation, user acceptance documents as annexes.

For detailed information on the outputs and deliverables, please refer to the Terms of reference. 


Duration of the work

The National Consultant for the design and supervision of the development of a project website for the ‘Restoring Marine Ecosystem Services by Rehabilitating Coral Reefs to Meet a Changing Climate Future’ shall be for 50 person-days over a period of 7 months. This is a lump sum-based contract, based on set deliverables.


Duty Station

The consultant shall be home-based for the duration of the assignment. However, the Consultant shall remain available and shall attend meetings as required at the Mauritius Oceanography Institute and local institutions, as well as at UNDP, for data gathering and any discussions required. Furthermore, the consultant shall liaise with Seychelles stakeholders to ensure that a consultative approach is adopted. The consultant should be reachable by phone/ email/ video conference throughout the entire contract duration.


Qualifications and Experience

Academic Qualifications:
Master’s Degree in Information System or Project Management or any closely related field

▪ At least 10 years of experience in IT project planning and review
▪ Specific experience in designing and supervising website development or similar IT projects
▪ Experience in the implementation of multi-stakeholder projects


Scope of bid price and schedule of payments

Payment Conditions

This is a lump sum contract that should include costs of consultancy and other costs required to produce the deliverables as per the Terms of Reference.

In full consideration for the complete and satisfactory performance of the Services under this Contract, UNDP shall pay the Contractor based on the Certificate of Payment (CoP) and supporting documents/respective against the deliverables stipulated in Section C.


Criteria for selection of best offer

The award of the contract should be made to the offer which has been evaluated using the ‘Combined Scoring Method’ and determined as:
a) Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
b) Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria (Technical Criteria with a weight of 0.7 and Financial Criteria of a weight of 0.3).
Only candidates scoring a minimum of 70 marks out of 100 in the Technical Evaluation would be considered for the Financial Evaluation.


Recommended Presentation of Offer

The following documents are requested:
a) Duly completed Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability using the template provided by UNDP;
b) Personal CV or P11, indicating all experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references;
c) Technical Proposal: Brief description of why the individual considers him/herself as the most suitable for the assignment (including his/her experience and Tracking Tools), and a methodology on how they will approach and complete the assignment. The technical proposal should be submitted along with the P11 in a single pdf file; and
d) Financial Proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs, as per template provided by UNDP. The financial proposal should be submitted as a separate file (marked “Financial Proposal_NC/ICT”) to and should be locked with a password that would be provided upon request.


Submission of Application

Applications should be sent through email: on or before Wednesday 12 May 2021 (16 00 pm Mauritius time) 

The subject of email should be : 78031_NC/ICT


Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability and Submission of financial proposal
Annex B - Model Contract IC (for information only)
Annex C - UNDP GCC IC 
Annex D - P11
Terms of Reference