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Consultancy to translate Inter-Party Committee MoU and Code of Conduct into Local Languages
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Gambia - GAMBIA
Deadline :11-May-21
Posted on :04-May-21
Reference Number :78159
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The Inter-Party Committee (IPC) plays a unique role as a viable democratic institution that coordinates inter-party relationships and serves as a dialogue forum amongst political parties. Since its formation, IPC has succeeded in bringing political parties together to engage in dialogue and build consensus on contested governance issues as guided by the 2017 memorandum of understanding between political parties registered by the Independent and Electoral Commission (IEC).

But since its establishment, knowledge of the IPC mandate, memorandum of understanding and code of conduct amongst Gambian citizens and political party operatives in the rural areas is negligible. Citizens are not fully aware of the role of political parties in consolidation of democracy and peace, a role that falls within the mandate of IPC. This can be partially attributed to lack of awareness creation on the mandate and responsibilities of the IPC, and absence of copies of its Code of Conduct and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) within the communities across the regions.  

Creating awareness of the IPC mandate will not only enable citizens to understand the role of IPC in the society but also to hold the institution and its leadership accountable for the conduct of peaceful campaigns and elections,  social cohesion and representation of women and youth in political party mechanisms and leadership positions in the country. To create visibility and awareness of IPC in the country, copies of MOU and Code of Conduct will be translated into local languages and printed in small booklets for circulation in the regions. Community radio sessions will also be held to create awareness among the citizens. In this regard, IPC with support from UNDP, will recruit a translation company with qualified translators for translation from English to five local languages (Mandika, Wolof, Fula, Jola and Serahule). 


Specific Tasks and Scope of Service

  • Accurate text translation of 10 pages document from English to Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, Jola and Serahule.
  • Ensure that the translation text is technically, linguistically, and grammatically correct, error free and meets high quality standards, without requiring further editing after completion of the translation.
  • Ensure high quality of translation, accurately reflecting the meaning found in the original source language (English) and rendering that meaning in the translated work.
  • Organize review and validation meetings for the drafts of translated texts

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