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Garbage Collection for the UN House
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Gambia - GAMBIA
Deadline :24-May-21
Posted on :11-May-21
Reference Number :78316
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Overview :

The Common Services provides function approach to ensuring that Agencies engage on joint business operations with the purpose of eliminating duplication, leveraging the common bargaining power of the UN and maximizing economies of scale.  With the BOS 2.0 created as a response to a call for simplification and harmonization of the United Nations system, the provision of a common service garbage collection will be in support of a more effective programme delivery on the 2030 Agenda mandating all United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) to ensure compliance with an improved BOS by 2021.

The Project will critically respond to the BOS implementation in ensuring a common back office as well as cost savings for Agencies within the UN House.

Specific Tasks and Scope of Service

  • Garbage collection shall be conducted either in the early morning (around 6:00 AM) or early evening (around 6:00 PM) on Wednesdays and Saturday between 12.00 to 2.00pm four time a weekly at the UN House Premises.
  • The hauling and disposal services shall cover all office waste materials leaves and other miscellaneous wastes deposited in a garbage bin/bag or designated area within the premises.
  • Loading of garbage into the garbage truck shall be made in the presence of guards and with the consent/knowledge of authorized of the Common Services.
  • The contractor shall warrant that the schedule of garbage collection shall be followed reliably except when, due to acts of force majeure or events not attributable to the contractor, the same can no longer be done, after due diligence and exhaustion of alternative remedies.
  • The contractor shall warrant that the trucks and other equipment to be used in the hauling and disposal of garbage are sufficient to meet the needs of the said services and all truck personnel confine to garbage collection area.
  • The contractor shall agree to provide additional/substitute service calls should there be a breakdown of the garbage truck/s designated to collect UN House’s waste material/garbage without additional charge to the UN House.
  • The hauling shall be done as expeditiously as possible and in an orderly manner ensuring no littering in the premises

Key deliverables:

  • Deliverable of weekly proof of garbage collection.  

Submit Technical and Financial Proposals to: 

Email subject: "Garbage Collection"