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Media services company to produce and disseminate TV/Radio spots on the Role of the NHRC
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - MOZAMBIQUE
Deadline :18-Jun-21
Posted on :07-Jun-21
Reference Number :79332
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00115478 - Access Justice, Human Rights, Gender and HIV
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The Republic of Mozambique is a democratic State, based, inter alia, on respect for and guarantee of
human rights. One of the fundamental objectives of the Mozambican State under the Constitution of the
Republic of Mozambique is to protect and promote human rights and to ensure equal protection of its
citizens before the law.

UNDP is a key partner of the Mozambique CNDH in Mozambique. Through the project “Strengthening
Access to Justice and Human Rights in Mozambique 2018-2021”, UNDP has been supporting the CNDH in
expediting its monitoring functions and to enlarge its range of accessibility and knowledge by the
Mozambique population through, inter alia, the deployment of members of the CNDH and its technical
team in the provinces of Mozambique. These interventions are critical to foster the protection of human
rights in Mozambique, in the light of the current human rights situation in the country and the fact that
the Commission currently only has a presence in Maputo.
The wishes for an effective CNDH, which can more insistently lead the human rights agenda in the country,
passes necessarily for the development of its internal institutional and technical capacities. Under these
auspices, UNDP has also supported the CNDH in the elaboration of its Strategic Plan and Communication
Strategy, normative framework which set the auspices of this institution and a set of priority actions.
One of the priorities set forth by the CNDH is to enlarge its outreach capacity to citizens and public
institutions. This process aims at raising awareness of citizens, in particular those living in remote areas
and therefore distant from the Commission, on the role of this institution, its responsibilities and
accessibility channels.
Under these auspices, with the support of UNDP Mozambique and within the framework the project
“Strengthening Access to Justice and Human Rights in Mozambique 2018-2021”, the CNDH intends to
conduct a public awareness campaign within local TV and Radio Channels at the central and local level.