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Re-Advertisement - National Consultancy Firm for Advocacy Documentary on the Role of the Justice Institutions, CSOs, Children Gender, Children and Social Welfare Providers to Strengthen Access to Justice including Social Services Delivery on SGBV Offences
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Gambia - GAMBIA
Deadline :07-Jul-21
Posted on :23-Jun-21
Reference Number :79953
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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNFPA and UNICEF, in partnership with the Government of The Gambia, are implementing a Community Access to Justice Project in The Gambia. The Joint Project endeavors to implement a holistic and comprehensive program that addresses both the supply and demand sides of justice delivery. The Joint Project seeks to strengthen the rule of law institutions, Children, Women, and Social Service providers to deliver quality services, empower citizens to exercise their rights, and increase access to justice and social services.

The Advocacy documentary is a crucial strategy to sensitize and raise awareness on the existing structures to address SGBV and child-related offenses. To support the Government's efforts to increase access to justice and improve justice & Social Services delivery quality.  UNDP, UNFPA & UNICEF, through the Peace Building Funded project (PBF), will work in partnership with justice institutions, the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Welfare, Civil Society, NGOs, women's and youth groups to improve social services and justice for victims/survivors on the rule of law and increase citizen outreach through the documentary. Strategic entry points will be used to address issues related to the Social Services for victims/survivors and the prosecution of SGBV offenses to improve Welfare sectors response to citizen needs and increase citizen confidence in justice and security actors.

The consultancy firm will organize stakeholders’ meetings with the SGBV Steering Committee, including the justice sectors (Police Force, Judiciary, The Gambia Bar Association, National Agency for Legal Aid, The Female Lawyer Association) and also, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, and any stakeholders relevant for the initiative with the Ministry of Gender Children & Social Welfare with support from the Ministry of Justice as the lead agency. The steering committee will oversee the planning and implementation of this concept and identify focal points to be interviewed.

The consultancy firm must interview with consent from the selected focal points from each institution, including survivors/victims of SGBV offenses. The victims/survivors' interviews should focus on how they benefited from the existing social services/structures and justice/security sector. The firm will work closely with a psychologist to provide psychological support to victims/survivors during the interview. NB: To protect survivors/victims from stigmatization, they must interview them anonymously and not disclose their identity after the exercise.

The services being sought involve scripting, filming, editing, subtitling, export, and archiving for each of the following products to be delivered.

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