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Service provision of High-Resolution Satellite Images
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Nigeria Country Office - NIGERIA
Deadline :13-Jul-21
Posted on :29-Jun-21
Reference Number :80166
Link to Atlas Project :
00119694 - Knowledge Hub on instability and violent extremism (PIP)
Documents :
RFQ Document
Overview :

UNDP Nigeria’s Knowledge Hub works to enhance the COs ability to make timely and evidence-based interventions, through ‘development intelligence gathering’, i.e., continuous monitoring and data collection to undertake trend analyses data analytics which will also inform interventions of UNDP’s development partners in this field. The ultimate objective of the Knowledge Hub is to harness data, including real time data, for development through providing evidence-based intelligence that can be translated to meaningful policies and planning for development impact.

As part of its mandate and work, the Unit is in the process of conducting various analyses, including change detection and progress monitoring, using satellite imagery. Areas of interest include UNDP Nigeria’s project sites as well as areas pertinent to the Unit’s research. The Unit is therefore seeking to engage in a Long-Term Agreement with a satellite image provider to procure high, medium and low-resolution images of the areas of interest.

Scope of Work

The service provider will provide UNDP Nigeria access to a web interface that allows for the following monthly:

  • Area of interest (AOI) and date selection
  • Archive imagery search (medium and high resolution)
  • Future tasking and setting up of multiple pipelines of AOIs
  • Product selection/resolution type

Once the AOIs and dates are selected, the service provider will look for cloud-free high-resolution imagery, mosaic them where necessary, and deliver pre-clipped, processed, and ready for analysis satellite images within the pipelines specified and with each pipeline (deliverable) linked to an API address.

Expected Outcome/ Deliverables

The service provider will deliver the following:

  • Monthly delivery of high resolution and cloud free satellite images (resolution higher than 1m) based on areas of interest selected and defined by UNDP Nigeria beforehand
  • API access for each image to be used as shareable link to download and to be incorporated with already hosted web applications.
  • Archive imagery (medium and high resolution).

When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the RFQ Instructions and Data. Please note that quotations must be submitted using Annex 2: Quotation Submission Form and Annex 3 Technical and Financial Offer, to the email  with subject of email as Provision of high-resolution satellite images for UNDP and by the date and time indicated in Section 2.

Quotations submitted by email must be limited to a maximum of 5MB, virus-free and no more than 4 email transmissions to They must be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected.