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Firm to Support the Capacity Development Programme as Part of Implementation of Cambodia COVID-19 Response, Unlocking Cambodian Women’s Potential through Fiscal Space Creation
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :30-Jul-21
Posted on :01-Jul-21
Reference Number :80298
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Documents :
RFP 80298-CAM Capacity Development
TOR_CAM capacity development_RFP80298
Amendment 1_RFP_80298_Cambodia
Overview :

UNCDF is seeking to engage a consulting firm to provide capacity building to our national counterpart, CGCC as well as to consolidate a synthesis report of a capacity building programme that could be used for replication for the future engagement/ capacity building of national counterparts.

The main objective of the assignment has two folds:

  1. To provide a professional certified capacity-building program to the senior management and staff of CGCC in various areas to perform their duties effectively and to be prepared for market needs, new technologies, management trends, economic challenges, managing risk associated to the businesses and industries, credit risk scoring, etc
  2. To provide a synthesis organizational development report drawing from capacity building programme provided to CGCC

The awarded company will make available a team of consultants who will specifically work with the CGCC, UNCDF in partnership with the UNDP country team to provide technical advisory support in the following areas:

  1. capacity-building program to the staff of CGCC, including but not limited to:
    • Conduct a rapid training needs assessment to identify gaps in the capacity of CGCC staff benchmarking with those of peer institutions in other countries in the region
    • Develop short and medium-term HRD plans for CGCC staff at all levels to keep up with the fast-evolving financial sector technology, management trends, credit market development.
    • Design strategic approach for implementing the above HRD plan
    • Organize and deliver certified HRD / training programs (in-person and online) including training courses, workshops, and seminars for CGCC staff in various areas including, but not limited to, risk management, credit guarantee operation, credit risk scoring, and business analysis
    • Identify and facilitate management training courses for CGCC staff to be certified in the various skills and knowledge, particularly in areas of accounting and finance, human resource management, risk management, credit guarantee, and business development, etc.
    • Prepare training materials for all training programs
    • Formulate the final report on the outcomes of the training program
  2. Synthesis report drawing from capacity building programme provided to CGCC. The synthesis report is to include:
    1. Recommendations for human development at management and technical levels.
    2. Recommendations for professional competency certification for CGCC
    3. Identification of suitable training providers for certified competency development

Please see attached Request for Proposal (RFP) and Terms of Reference (TOR) for full details of this consulting requirement.