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UNDP-RFI-2021-PAKISTAN Request for Information and CACHE
Procurement Process :RFI - Request for Information
Office :UNDP CO Pakistan - PAKISTAN
Deadline :07-Oct-21
Posted on :15-Sep-21
Development Area :HEALTH  HEALTH
Reference Number :83351
Link to Atlas Project :
00135717 - Global Funds HIV Pakistan
Documents :
RFI extended date
Overview :

Status Update:

Kindly note that the deadline for submission of documents has been extended to 7th Oct 2021.


This is a Request for Information (RFI) from national and/or international CSOs/NGOs for potential partnership with UNDP in delivering outputs for development projects requiring expertise and experience in the following thematic/sub-thematic areas:

HIV & AIDS - Work with Key Populations, specifically Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), People who inject drugs (PWID), Transgender persons (TG) and Female Sex workers (FSW)         

Sub Thematic Area:

  • Gender Rights/ Women’s Rights/ non-binary genders
  • Key Populations – MSM, PWID, TG, FSW
  • Stigma and Discrimination/Human Rights
  • Chem Sex
  • Access to services – health services, justice
  • Living with HIV & AIDS

Health - 

Sub Thematic Area:

  • Provision of preventative and/or curative treatment services
  • Provision of services for people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Patient rights
  • Management of health commodities
  • Management of communicable diseases

Interested CSOs/NGOs are required to fill out the below: (a) Request for Information (RFI) Questionnaire, and (b) Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE), attaching all supporting documentation where specifically requested. If you are an international NGO, please provide information and documentation relating to your permits and licenses for your local presence in Pakistan.

Please note that attachments should be provided to support each answer to the questions.  All questions must be answered directly and clearly. Documentation provided in response to each question must be clearly labelled with reference to the question it is being provided for. Extraneous information that are not directly responding to the questions will only constrain the ability of UNDP to positively assess the CSO/NGO’s alignment with UNDP requirements.

Based on the results of RFI and CACHE, UNDP will determine if the CSO/NGO may or may not be placed on a roster, for rapid engagement when required.