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Painting of office buildings at the UN House in Longacres and UN Annex in Rhodespark Lusaka
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Country Office - ZAMBIA
Deadline :01-Oct-21
Posted on :22-Sep-21
Reference Number :83595
Link to Atlas Project :
00125742 - Operational Backbone to UN Zambia
Documents :
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Bill of Quantity (UN HOUSE)
Bill of Quantity (UN ANNEX)
Scope of Work
Scope of Work
Overview :

Scope of Works:

The scope of work shall include the following:      

  1. Surface preparation before the commencement of the painting works which will include cleaning surfaces free from rust, dirt, oil, grease and other foreign matter prior to primer coat also inclusive of paint removal where necessary; ensuring that the surface is clean and dry. Repairing all voids, cracks, nicks, dents, etc. with suitable patching will also be classified as surface preparation.
  2. Painting of external surfaces of the UN Annex main and auxiliary buildings to produce finished work of first-class appearance and durability as well as other additions necessary to complete the works not specifically mentioned in the Scope of Works (SoW) without extra cost to UNDP.
  3. Reinstatement of the existing walls, floor, ceiling and building areas which will be affected by the works to their initial state or better as accepted by UNDP.

Contractor’s Responsibilities:

The Contractor will be responsible for the following:

  1. The Contractor shall provide technical supervision, skilled manpower, tools, equipment and suitable highest quality materials necessary to complete the works.
  2. All materials shall be delivered to the site in sound and sealed containers, clearly labelled with the following information: type of material to be used on, brand name, Manufacturer’s batch number, toxic sign, inflammable sign, colour charts and related data.
  3. The Contractor shall protect all equipment, building structures/areas and any other areas from mechanical damage, environmental damage, blockage or obstruction and damage caused by over blasting, dripping paint, paint splashes and overspray. Any affected areas shall be restored at the Contractor’s expense upon meeting a finish acceptable by UNDP at any stage during the execution of work and after the project.
  4. The Contractor shall provide "Wet Paint" signs to protect newly painted finishes. After completing painting operations, temporary protective wrappings and signage provided to protect the work shall be removed.
  5. All coatings shall be applied by brush, roller, spray, or other applicators according to the Manufacturer's written instructions. All application tools shall be cleaned and undamaged; the use of school tools and equipment will not be permitted. Where the material appears to be defective the Contractor shall contact the Manufacturer immediately.
  6. The Contractor shall ensure that the materials and workmanship needed to complete the project are of high quality and acceptable to UNDP. All materials whose pot life has expired shall be rejected and removed from the site.
  7. The Contractor shall be responsible for and comply with standard safety requirements (safety shoes, vest, hard hat, safety harness, lifeline) health, environmental and provisions in working areas. Any equipment or work considered dangerous shall be immediately discontinued.
  8. The Contractor shall install, operate and maintain an adequate number of temporary hoists, scaffolds, runways, ladders, and the like as required for the proper execution of the work. Safety precautions shall at all times be observed.
  9. At all stages of the project and after completion, all damaged or defaced painted surfaces shall be touched up and restored at the Contractor’s expense. All methods of repair and reinstatement must be acceptable to UNDP.

Delivery, Storage and Protection:

  1. The Contractor shall deliver all painting materials to the worksite in original containers with seals and labels intact. Containers shall not be opened until after they have been inspected by UNDP.
  2. Products and other materials shall be delivered to the site at such a time as required for proper coordination of the work. The premises has minimal storage space and therefore, cannot make accommodations to store materials for an extended period.
  3. All equipment and unused material shall be removed at the conclusion of the project. The work area shall at all times be clean and tidy.
  4. The Contractor shall arrange material storage so as not to interfere with UNDP or any other stakeholder’s operations.
  5. Store all materials in properly protected and dry storage facilities until ready for use. Installation of used materials will not be accepted.
  6. The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating and receiving all deliveries and shipments.
  7. The Contractor shall hold UNDP harmless from any loss arising from lost or damaged materials stored at the job site.
  8. All materials shall be stored in a proper manner protected from natural elements to avoid contamination and deterioration.

Quality Assurance:

  1. All paints should be from an ISO certified supplier and of premium quality throughout. Furthermore, all paint materials shall be accompanied by the Manufacturer's test certificates and the UNDP may test paint formulations if required.
  2. All paints used shall also comply with ISO 4624:2016, ISO 2808:2019, BS 5439, BS EN 927-1:2013, BS 6150:2019 and any other relevant painting standards. All paint removers shall comply with BS 3761.
  3. The paint system shall have a dry film thickness of five (5) mils minimum unless specified otherwise by UNDP. The minimum drying time between each coat shall be 24 hours.
  4. All paints to be used on this project shall meet the chemical requirements and standards of fire-retardant paints.
  5. All paints to be used on this project shall also be of low VOC emissions; chromates and lead are not permitted in any paints.
  6. The Contractor shall arrange for quality assurance and control tests at the discretion of UNDP. The Contractor shall possess relevant standards and deploy all inspection tools/instruments to carry out the above inspection and testing as per relevant standards.
  7. All work shall be done by thoroughly qualified painters in a neat and workmanlike manner. All work that shows carelessness or lack of skill in execution or is defective due to any other cause will be rejected. Said work shall be redone to the satisfaction of UNDP prior to acceptance of work.


The contract further guarantees that if, during a period of one year from the date of the certificate of practical completion any such defects will be repaired by the contractor at his own cost.


The estimated timeframe for this assignment is 40 days from the commencement of work.

Payment Schedule:

Payment will be done in percentage milestones in the following breakdown:



Percentage (%)

Expected Due Date


Receipt of all materials on site


≤ Day 40


Completion of application of primer and first coat of exterior paint



Completion of application of second coat of exterior paint



Final inspection and site handover



Retention payment


365 days – 12 months


Type of Supervision:

The proposed works will be supervised by the UNDP Construction and Facilities Management Analyst and the UNDP Administrative Associate.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the provision of construction and civil engineering services.
  • Project Engineer/Expert with a minimum of 5 years experience in the provision of construction and civil engineering services.
  • 3 references for similar work performed within the past three years.



  • Registered with the Engineering Institution of Zambia.
  • Registered with the National Council for Construction (NCC) under grade 5 or above.

Evaluation Criteria:

Technical Proposal Evaluation







Expertise of Firm / Organization


Minimum of 5 years experience in carrying out the exterior painting of

non-residential buildings which are having minimum of two-floors






Expertise of Personnel


Project Engineer/Expert with a minimum of 5 years experience in the supervision of both high-rise and low-rise building exterior painting works








Previous Examples of Similar Work Done


At least 3 references of previous work done of a similar nature






Proposed Work Methodology and Timeframe


Program of works/ Implementation schedule








Health and Safety Plan


Health and safety

Management strategies and implementation plans that will apply to its employees and subcontractors to ensure compliance