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01 Vietnamese Firm/Institution/Organization to produce a video clip on successes of resilient houses.
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Viet Nam - VIET NAM
Deadline :28-Nov-21
Posted on :13-Nov-21
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :85631
Link to Atlas Project :
00088033 - GCF-Resilient development in coastal zones
Documents :
RFP (211102) Video production
Bidding forms in word format
UN-EU cost norm 2017
Overview :

UNDP Vietnam is seeking for 01 Vietnamese Firm/Institution/Organization to produce a video clip on successes of resilient houses. 

The objective of this assignment is to produce a short video clip showcasing resilience of project-built houses during 2021 storms and floods. 

The contract is expected to do the following tasks:

• Prepare draft video script and filming agenda and submit to the UNDP Media and Communications Analyst, Project Management Specialist for comments before recording at the project sites. The final script will be finalized after the field visit.

• Based on the approved plan, carry out the film recording at the project sites. The places to be recorded include the Provincial Project Management Unit (PPMU) in 01 targeted province 

• The content of the script is expected to cover the following items:

o Short interviews (30-45” each) with local people, UNDP, VNDMA, and MOC.

o Emphasizing the differences between damaged houses and GCF houses (e.g. site selection, technical design with resilient features, building materials, preparedness activities, community participation in making houses more resilient, etc.).

o Focusing on the traditional/indigenous knowledge used to identify safe locations for the construction of the houses

o Construction quality control: 

 Innovation application- KoBo software application in housing construction monitoring

 Monitoring  by PPMU, CPC, MOC PMU, UNDP

o Grievance mechanism   

o Gender

o Traditional customs (preparation before and during disasters)

o Health, sanitation, and the environment (if time allows)

o Linkage between the resilient housing component and the project’s climate risk-informed activities.

After finishing recording, the contractor is expected to work closely with the UNDP Media and Communications Analyst to write comments, select images, and mix sound for the videos. The drafts of the videos mustbe sent to UNDP, the Central Project Management Unit (CPMU), and the MOC PMU for comments. Film post-production should be completedin Vietnamese language with subtitles in English.

The videographer must study all comments fromUNDP, CPMU, and related parties. All suitable comments must be considered in editing and finalizing the video. The final video should be submitted to UNDP in high definition MP4 format, following the proposed timeline of video production and by no later than December 31, 2021 with all raw materials (video, audio, photos, and script).

Interested bidders are invited to submit Technical and Financial proposals to

with notification by email (without attachment) to: that the bidder has submitted proposal.

UNDP will not be responsible for the missing of proposal if the bidder does not send notification email to above address.

Deadline for submission: on or before 28  November 2021 (Ha Noi Time)

We look forward to receiving your proposal by the above deadline.