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1 NC support MONRE to stock take of latest international discussion and national practices on L&D caused by climate change and recommendations to track and manage L&D and support Viet Nam’s participation at international discussions on L&D(Ref. P220505)
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - VIET NAM
Deadline :05-Jun-22
Posted on :23-May-22
Reference Number :91496
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Documents :
Procurement Notice
Letter of Interest and Availability
Financial offer
Overview :

UNDP is looking for a national consultant to support the Department of Climate Change (DCC) under MONRE and UNDP in reviewing the latest international negotiations and mechanisms on L&D caused by climate and proposing recommendations of key L&D interventions  part of NAP’s technical report and providing a background report on L&D for Viet Nam to participate in  the upcoming COP agenda.

The expert will work closely with 01 UNDP’s International Consultant on Climate Change Policy Analysis and the Team Leader for the NAP Technical report.

The expert will be supervised by the DCC, MONRE and UNDP Project Manager and is expected to work closely with MONRE officials and other mobilized technical consultants of the project.

The consultant will be responsible to support delivering of the following activities:

  1. Review the latest international negotiations and mechanisms on L&D caused by climate change;
  2. Stocktake on Viet Nam’s effort on L&D caused by climate change including an approach to track L&D efforts, including in research and policy formation; and provide a list of concrete recommendations for Viet Nam to participate in the international L&D negotiations/discussions.
  3. Propose a roadmap for Viet Nam to actively participate in L&D discussion at the upcoming COP 27 and COP28, and provide inputs related to L&D for the NAP technical report;
  4. Participate in the presentation-related content at consultation meetings in Hanoi organized by MONRE and UNDP.

The consultant will undertake the following tasks:

  • Review the latest international negotiations on Loss and Damage
  • Propose an action plan framework/list of recommendations for Viet Nam on L&D as part of NAP’s technical report and provide inputs for the country’s discussions/negotiation at the upcoming COP agenda;
  • Finalizing the report

Specific tasks of the constant will be described in the TOR.


The selection will be on a competitive basis and will comply with UNDP procurement regulations.

Interested offerors are invited to submit Letter of Interest and Availability, CVs, financial proposals and other required documents following guidance in the Procurement Notice to:

Procurement Unit

UNDP Viet Nam

304 Kim Ma, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Direct: (+84 24) 38500283


with notification by email (without attachment) to: that the bidder has submitted proposal.

UNDP will not be responsible for the missing of proposal if the bidder does not send notification email to above address.

Deadline for submission: 23.59hrs., 5 June 2022 (Ha Noi time).

We look forward to receiving your proposal by the above deadline.