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Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :Angola - ANGOLA
Deadline :07-Jun-22
Posted on :25-May-22
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :91589
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00114927 - Technical Assistance for Local Governance
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Within the general framework of Angolan Public Administration, the principles of deconcentration and administrative decentralization and local autonomy are established as a fundamental foundation for improving territorial management, modernizing Public Administration, and providing services to citizens at the local level. These general principles of Public Administration reflect the predominance of the law in bringing services closer to the people , and the need within each public corporation, for powers and competencies to be handed over to the various organs with distinct hierarchical positions so that the power to pursue certain attributions is not concentrated only in the top bodies.


The Political-Administrative decentralization as enshrined in article 213 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola of 2010 provides that: “The democratic organization of the State at the local level is structured based on the principle of Political-Administrative decentralization which includes the existence of organizational forms of local power, under the terms of this Constitution”. In this way, it is necessary that there is a state structure that ensures the performance of certain functions so that the central administrations do not concentrate all the powers on themselves.









In this regard, within the framework of deconcentration and decentralization of the governance system underway in Angola, in line with Axis 4 of the National Development Plan 2018 – 2022 (NDP), in 2018 a public act was carried out to sign the terms of transfer of competencies, programs, projects and resources for Provincial Governments. A total of 172 terms of transfer of competencies were signed between 10 ministries and 18 Provincial Governments. The process involves the relegation of specific functions previously performed by Executive Organs of Central Administration to Local Government Organs of the State, including Provincial and Municipal Governments, in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree no. 20/18 of 29 January.

However, for the effective exercise of these competencies, the State's Local Administration Organs need material conditions and technical capacities that are favorable or objective, to enable the provision of effective and efficient services to users.

To this end, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) seeks the services of an expert or experts [national and otherwise] in deconcentration and administrative decentralization and local governance in Angola, with a view to contributing to the definition and delineation of the objective or specific capacities required that will enable Municipal Administrations to exercise the new competencies conferred on them in the fields of health, environment, energy, and water, Territorial Planning, housing, and commerce, in accordance with the 172 agreements on transfer of competencies signed in 2018.  In view of the foregoing, qualified individuals are requested to review the attached Notice and submit their offers by the established deadline, through: