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Dashboard and Analytics Consultant
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :28-Jun-22
Posted on :13-Jun-22
Reference Number :92296
Link to Atlas Project :
Non-UNDP Project
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TOR - Dashboard and Analytics Consultants
Overview :

UNCDF would like to achieve the following additional tasks related to the data analytics and visualization dashboard:

Standardized dashboard data API

This will offer seamless data exchange between UNCDF and project partners. The API will also automatically enforce required data formats and eliminate file naming conventions currently required before uploading performance reports to SharePoint for preprocessing and updating the dashboard.

Standard application interface for partners to directly upload project performance data

This user interface will allow UNCDF partners with systems not ready to integrate to APIs to directly upload project performance reports. 

Report creation and sharing interface

  • This will allow the creation of reports comparing different data types (for example "Amount of UNCDF investment" versus "Number of beneficiaries reached")
  • These would be easily shared with different team members, donors and other partners and stakeholders.

Converting currently static indicators to dynamic

Certain indicators which are currently static on the dashboard will automatically get updated within the dashboard periodically

Duties and Responsibilities


Key Expected Output and Deliverables:




Target Due date

Payment Terms in % of total contract price


Dashboard to perform these functions seamlessly:

  • Automate data exchange between UNCDF and project partners
  • set up the API to automatically enforce required data formats
  • Eliminate file naming conventions

Standardized dashboard data API created


August, 2022





Integrate APIs to support direct upload of project performance reports to dashboard 

Provide functionality for dashboard to allow UNCDF partners systems to upload directly

Standard application interface for partners to directly upload project performance data created and enabled

September, 2022



Align different data types to upload to the dashboard

 Report creation and sharing interface functionalities completed

October   2022



Automated platform for conversion of statics indicators to dynamics ones

static indicators converted to dynamic indicators

November 2022







Institutional Arrangement

Provision of Monitoring, Progress Controls & Payments:

  • The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Digital Country Lead and work closely with the Result Measurement Specialist.
  • Reporting will be done through weekly meetings with the Digital Country Lead
  • All deliverables will be approved by the Digital Country Lead
  • UNCDF will provide an office space if required by the consultant
  • Payments will be made based on the successful completion of each deliverable as set out by UNCDF and upon certification of satisfactory performance, and acceptance of the output by the Digital Country Lead and/or their designate.
  • Final payment shall require a signed performance evaluation of the consultants.

Duration of the Work

80 working days spread over a period of 6 months in line with agreed work plan.

Duty Station

The Consultant will be based in Kampala, Uganda.  


Travel may be required and will be compensated according to UN policies.



  • The consultant must have demonstrable experience in building software tools to generate synthetic telecoms GSM and mobile money data
  • Hands-on experience in analyzing complex telecoms data
  • Building automated, robust, and scalable big data ETL pipelines to load data from disparate data sources
  • Automated reporting and dashboards development
  • Experience with Apache Spark and Hadoop ecosystem related technologies
  • Ability to scope, design and deliver various Big Data solutions
  • Design and implementation of modern Data APIs for both internal and external data access
  • Collaborate with other development and research team.

Language requirements

  Fluent command of written and spoken English is mandatory.

Please see attached link for detailed information on this TOR: UNCDF Jobs - 107253- Dashboard and Analytics Consultant (