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Consultancy to revise and finalize a framework for the intergovernmental fiscal relations in Somalia
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :01-Jul-22
Posted on :17-Jun-22
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Reference Number :92505
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The assignment will fall within the following Outcome areas

1: Policy, Legal and regulatory frameworks on local governance and

2: Local governments have the capacity to deliver equitable and sustainable services, promote economic development and peace.

Specific Objectives

More specifically the firm will undertake the following functions:

In consideration of the drafted option paper “Intergovernmental fiscal relations in Somalia: Fiscal federalism, fiscal decentralization and ‘making decentralization work’ in a multi-level governance system”:

  1. Revise and facilitate endorsement of the emerging options for intergovernmental fiscal transfers in a multilevel governance system in Somalia. Design, prepare and facilitate discussions among the relevant national and international partners on the options outlined in the aforementioned options document, recommendations and comments collected, and include them in the paper where applicable.
  2. Political economy analysis. Conduct a political economic analysis to inform about dimensions currently existing or emerging in Somalia that influence or will influence fiscal decentralization and suggest ways how using this information may inform policy and programming discussion, facilitate a participatory exercise of assigning expenditure responsibilities, revenue collection and inter-governmental fiscal relations. This will include:
    1. Conducting a full assessment of the assignment of powers, functions, and expenditure responsibilities across the different levels of government.
    2. Recommendations on revenue mobilization, improving collection, diversification and improving coordination, sharing and administration of public sector revenues at all levels of government.
    3. Recommendations on improvements in intergovernmental fiscal relations based on a & b above.
  3. Finalizing a framework for intergovernmental fiscal relations in Somalia that will regulate fiscal relations (focusing on clarification of the vertical and horizontal division of Revenue, the expenditure assignments, revenue assignments and intergovernmental fiscal transfers) between the Federal, State and LGs in Somalia. This framework will be linked to the on-going institutional structures for reform management more specifically the on-going constitutional review process and the development of the fiscal decentralization roadmap.
  4. Discus and validate the final deliverable as per the table 3 with respective stakeholders. Translate into Somali.
  5. This will necessitate support to FGS and FMS to generate an inter-government fiscal relations policy (informed by findings the analyses above) detailing the proposed: functional responsibilities between the different tiers of government, revenue assignments and the nature of inter-governmental fiscal relations

For full details - please see uploaded TOR and RFP.