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Development of the UNDP Generic Job Descriptions
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :05-Jul-22
Posted on :22-Jun-22
Reference Number :92564
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Drawing on the diversity of UNDP’s client needs and partnerships, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) in the Bureau for Management Services provides a broad range of HR advisory and talent management services enabling UNDP to deliver fully integrated development solutions at corporate level.  In this context, BMS/OHR is focused on the implementation of an ambitious and forward-looking four-year strategy, People for 2030, which will progressively transform UNDP’s culture and enable its workforce capacity to deliver more and better results.

Through People for 2030, BMS/OHR aims to be at the leading edge of HR in the international development sector by developing high quality and innovative human resources solutions and driving transformation across UNDP. Designing generic Job Descriptions which are integrated with the latest UNDP’s corporate initiatives is the key element of achieving effective Organizational Design.

BMS/OHR has recently developed various frameworks in order to enable agile Organizational Design including the new Competency Framework, new Job Description and Job Posting Templates, and new Organogram and Department Tree Structures, new contractual modality, etc.

In this context, the current generic Job Description (JD) library requires major updates to align with various corporate initiatives. Thus, under the direct supervision of the HR Specialist and in coordination with the OHR Deputy Director, the consultancy aims to support the revision of generic JDs for staff and development of TORs for PSAs based on new UNDP competency framework and service delivery model.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will be accountable for the delivery of the following outputs:

Output 1. Revise 94 generic JDs for staff based on the new business processes, new JD template and new competency framework as well as create the focus groups to discuss JDs and changes required.

Output 2. Develop 15 generic TORs for PSAs based on the new business processes, new guidance notes and new competency framework as well as create the focus groups to discuss TORs and inputs required.

Output 3. Prepare a summary report covering the key points of generic JDs and TORs developed including any supporting materials and participate in the presentation to the management as necessary.

The consultancy is to be managed and directed by OHR/BMS and implemented in close consultation with relevant stakeholders across UNDP. The deadline of submission of the deliverables are as below: 

Deliverable/ Output

Due date

Completion of Output 1

 3 months into consultancy

Completion of Output 2

 4 months into the consultancy

Completion of Output 3

 5 months into the consultancy



Demonstrate integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards
Advocates and promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
Technical / Functional

Expertise in Human Resource Management
Proven expertise and experience in Job Design
Understanding of ICSC Job Classification Standards
Excellent Presentation and Writing Skills.

Required Skills and Experience

Academic qualifications:

At least a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Management, or another related discipline is required.

At least 7 years of experience in Human Resource Management, including Job Design is required
Experience in similar roles within the UN System, or with other multilateral organizations, is desirable
Experience in designing Job Descriptions aligned with organization’s competency framework is required
Experience in the development of policies, SOPs and guidance in HR management is an asset

Fluency in written and spoken English is required;
Application Procedure

The application package containing the following (to be uploaded as one file):

A cover letter with a brief description of why the applicant considers her/himself the most suitable for the assignment;
Personal CV or P11, indicating all past experience from similar projects and specifying the relevant assignment period (from/to), as well as the email and telephone contacts of at least three (3) professional references; and
A technical proposal/methodology explaining an initial outline detailing how the consultant will revise the generic JD and develop new TOR including how they will engage with other business units, the support they will require from BMS/ OHR and any comments that they may have on these Terms of Reference. Maximum number of pages is 3.
Note: The above documents need to be scanned in one file and uploaded to the online application as one document.

Shortlisted candidates (ONLY) will be requested to submit a Financial Proposal.

The financial proposal should be provided based on cost per item (cost per JD, TOR, and Report) and must be all-inclusive and take into account various expenses that will be incurred during the contract, including: the daily professional fee; (excluding mission travel); living allowances at the duty station; communications, utilities and consumables; life, health and any other insurance; risks and inconveniences related to work under hardship and hazardous conditions (e.g., personal security needs, etc.), when applicable; and any other relevant expenses related to the performance of services under the contract.
This consultancy is a home-based assignment, therefore, there is no envisaged travel cost to join duty station/repatriation travel. 
In the case of unforeseeable travel requested by UNDP, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon, between UNDP and Individual Consultant, prior to travel and will be reimbursed. In general, UNDP should not accept travel costs exceeding those of an economy class ticket. Should the IC wish to travel on a higher class he/she should do so using their own resources.
If the Offeror is employed by an organization/company/institution, and he/she expects his/her employer to charge a management fee in the process of releasing him/her to UNDP under a Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA), the Offeror must indicate at this point, and ensure that all such costs are duly incorporated in the financial proposal submitted to UNDP.
The Financial Proposal is to be emailed as per the instruction in the separate email that will be sent to shortlisted candidates.

Evaluation process

Applicants are reviewed based on Required Skills and Experience stated above and based on the technical evaluation criteria outlined below.  Applicants will be evaluated based on cumulative scoring.  When using this weighted scoring method, the award of the contract will be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

Being responsive/compliant/acceptable; and
Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation where technical criteria weigh 70% and Financial criteria/ Proposal weighs 30%.
Technical evaluation - Total 70% (70 points):

Criteria 1: Proven technical expertise and experience in Job Design as demonstrated in the technical proposal. Maximum of 20 points.
Criteria 2:  General human resource management experience. Maximum of 10 points.
Criteria 3: Work experience in a global institution similar to UNDP. Maximum of 10 points.
Having reviewed applications received, UNDP will invite up to three technically qualified candidates for interview. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Criteria 4: Interview. Maximum Points: 30 points.
Candidates obtaining a minimum of 70% of the maximum obtainable points for the technical criteria (70 points) shall be considered for the financial evaluation.

Financial evaluation - Total 30% (30 points)

The following formula will be used to evaluate financial proposal:

p = y (µ/z), where

p = points for the financial proposal being evaluated

y = maximum number of points for the financial proposal

µ = price of the lowest priced proposal

z = price of the proposal being evaluated

Contract Award

Candidate obtaining the highest combined scores in the combined score of Technical and Financial evaluation will be considered technically qualified and will be offered to enter into contract with UNDP.

Institutional arrangement

The Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the HR Specialist in coordination with the OHR Deputy Director

Payment modality

Payment to the Individual Contractor will be made based on the completion of the deliverables by the due date and acceptance of the deliverables by the technical manager.
Payment will be based on deliverables/output.
Partial delivery of each output is not acceptable. Payment is subject to complete delivery of each output.
Deliverables of each output should be complete and accepted by the approving officer (HR Specialist – Organizational Design & Workforce Planning)
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