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National Consultant for Energy Program Specialist
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :Gambia - GAMBIA
Deadline :06-Jul-22
Posted on :22-Jun-22
Reference Number :92618
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Overview :

UNDP's renewed strategic offering in Africa, or "Africa Promise", aims to "strengthen UNDP's position as Africa's leading partner for the 2030 and 2063 agendas". Affordable and sustainable energy is one of the six strategic impact areas of UNDP's Africa Promise, which focuses on energy interventions to act as catalysts for development. The Africa Promise has committed to providing access to energy to at least 100 million people by the end of the current strategic plan.

The Regional Programme for Africa (2022-2025) is the means to realize UNDP's renewed strategic offering in Africa. The new Regional Programme will explicitly position itself as a regional catalyst and incubator for people, prosperity, planet and peace.

The Gambia is also one of the 10 countries covered by the UN Integrated Strategy for the Sahel (UNISS) and targeted by the flagship UNDP Offer for the Sahel – a Regeneration. This offer includes energy as one of its core components through UNDP’s Energy4Sahel initiative.  

The Gambia Country Office (CO) will utilise the funds available under this programme to encourage Energy Access, which currently stands at 60%, leaving an estimated 966,8002 people without access to electricity. This iniative will be aligned with The Gambia’s Electricity Roadmap which has the optimistic objective of providing universal access by 2025. The roadmap states that this can achieved through a mix of grid-connected and off-grid solutions. The roadmap also places great emphasis on diversifying the energy mix through the introduction of renewable energy solutions, such as, solar and wind.

With the above in mind, the CO will be working closely with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Mbolo Association to implement the following activities:

  • The feasibility study for the installation of a Green-Mini-Grid (GMG) at Jinack ;
  • Engage with private sector to install and operationalize a GMG at Jinack ;
  • Complete a feasibility study for the establishment of a cooperative of young solar professionals. The study will explore and recommend  how the cooperative members can engage in income generating activities in off-grid communities;
  • Build the capacity of beneficiary communities in productive energy uses.


Objective and scope of work

The objective of the consultancy is to assist the CO in implementation of the above-mentioned activities, through the following actions:

  • Complete a feasibility study for the establishment of a cooperative of young solar professionals, recommending how the of young professionals can engaged in income generating activities in off-grid communities;
  • Supervise and/or monitor the progress of private sector actors, consultants and contractors engaged under the programme;
  • Support for planning and programming on energy related matters under the Environment and Energy Programme Unit;
  • Provision of technical support to energy-related project activities;
  • Coordination of strategic partnership and institutional energy capacity with key partners (i.e. Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, NAWEC and the Mbolo Association)


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