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Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation ZWE10 - 0000013185   Click here to participate
Deadline :22-Aug-22 @ 11:00 AM (New York time)
Posted on :22-Jul-22 @ 04:48 AM (New York time)
Development Area :HEALTH  HEALTH
Reference Number :93725
Link to Atlas Project :
00133885 - Towards ending AIDS as a public threat by 2030
Documents :
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Overview :




RFQ Reference: RFQ-ZIM-GF-034-2022-Promotional Material -PLAN  -RE-ADVERTISEMENT

Date: 20 July 2022




UNDP kindly requests your quotation for the provision of goods, works and/or services as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ.

This Request for Quotation comprises the following documents:

Section 1: This request letter

Section 2: RFQ Instructions and Data

Annex 1: Schedule of Requirements

Annex 2: Quotation Submission Form

Annex 3: Technical and Financial Offer


When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the RFQ Instructions and Data. Please note that quotations must be submitted using Annex 2: Quotation Submission Form and Annex 3 Technical and Financial Offer, by the method and by the date and time indicated in Section 2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your quotation is submitted on or before the deadline. Quotations received after the submission deadline, for whatever reason, will not be considered for evaluation.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your quotations.

Issued by:



Name:        Robert Chana

Title:           PSM Specialist

Date:           20/7/2022



Bidders shall adhere to all the requirements of this RFQ, including any amendments made in writing by UNDP. This RFQ is conducted in accordance with the UNDP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures (POPP) on Contracts and Procurement


Any Bid submitted will be regarded as an offer by the Bidder and does not constitute or imply the acceptance of the Bid by UNDP. UNDP is under no obligation to award a contract to any Bidder as a result of this RFQ.


UNDP reserves the right to cancel the procurement process at any stage without any liability of any kind for UNDP, upon notice to the bidders or publication of cancellation notice on UNDP website.

Deadline for the Submission of Quotation

12 August 2022 1700 EST

If any doubt exists as to the time zone in which the quotation should be submitted, refer to


Method of Submission

Quotations must be submitted as follows:

☒ E-tendering

☐ Dedicated Email Address

☐ Courier / Hand delivery

☐ Other Hand delivery to address below

  • File Format: PDF
  • File names must be maximum 60 characters long and must not contain any letter or special character other than from Latin alphabet/keyboard.
  • All files must be free of viruses and not corrupted.
  • Max. File Size per transmission: 8mb
  • Mandatory subject of email; RFQ-ZIM-GF-034-2022-PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL -PLAN
  • Multiple emails must be clearly identified by indicating in the subject line “email no. X of Y”, and the final “email no. Y of Y.
  • It is recommended that the entire Quotation be consolidated into as few attachments as possible.
  • The bidder should receive an email acknowledging email receipt.

Cost of preparation of quotation

UNDP shall not be responsible for any costs associated with a Supplier’s preparation and submission of a quotation, regardless of the outcome or the manner of conducting the selection process.

Supplier Code of Conduct, Fraud, Corruption,

All prospective suppliers must read the United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct and acknowledge that it provides the minimum standards expected of suppliers to the UN. The Code of Conduct, which includes principles on labour, human rights, environment and ethical conduct may be  found at:

Moreover, UNDP strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance on proscribed practices, including fraud, corruption, collusion, unethical or unprofessional practices, and obstruction of UNDP vendors and requires all bidders/vendors to observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement process and contract implementation. UNDP’s Anti-Fraud Policy can be found at


Gifts and Hospitality

Bidders/vendors shall not offer gifts or hospitality of any kind to UNDP staff members including recreational trips to sporting or cultural events, theme parks or offers of holidays, transportation, or invitations to extravagant lunches, dinners or similar.  In pursuance of this policy, UNDP: (a) Shall reject a bid if it determines that the selected bidder has engaged in any corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question; (b) Shall declare a vendor ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period, to be awarded a contract if at any time it determines that the vendor has engaged in any corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing a UNDP contract.


Conflict of Interest

UNDP requires  every prospective Supplier to avoid and prevent conflicts of interest, by disclosing to UNDP if you, or any of your affiliates or personnel, were involved in the preparation of the requirements, design, specifications, cost estimates, and other information used in this RFQ. Bidders shall strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own interests, and act without consideration for future work. Bidders found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified.  


Bidders must disclose in their Bid their knowledge of the following: a) If the owners, part-owners, officers, directors, controlling shareholders, of the bidding entity or key personnel who are family members of UNDP staff involved in the procurement functions and/or the Government of the country or any Implementing Partner receiving goods and/or services under this RFQ.


The eligibility of Bidders that are wholly or partly owned by the Government shall be subject to UNDP’s further evaluation and review of various factors such as being registered, operated and managed as an independent business entity, the extent of Government ownership/share, receipt of subsidies, mandate and access to information in relation to this RFQ, among others. Conditions that may lead to undue advantage against other Bidders may result in the eventual rejection of the Bid.

General Conditions of Contract

Any Purchase Order or contract that will be issued as a result of this RFQ shall be subject to the General Conditions of Contract

Select the applicable GTC:

General Terms and Conditions / Special Conditions for Contract.

Applicable Terms and Conditions and other provisions are available at UNDP/How-we-buy

Special Conditions of Contract

☒ Cancellation of PO/Contract if the delivery/completion is delayed by [15days]

☐ Others [pls. specify]


A vendor who will be engaged by UNDP may not be suspended, debarred, or otherwise identified as ineligible by any UN Organization or the World Bank Group or any other international Organization. Vendors are therefore required to disclose to UNDP whether they are subject to any sanction or temporary suspension imposed by these organizations.  Failure to do so may result in termination of any contract or PO subsequently issued to the vendor by UNDP.


It is the Bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its employees, joint venture members, sub-contractors, service providers, suppliers and/or their employees meet the eligibility requirements as established by UNDP.

Bidders must have the legal capacity to enter a binding contract with UNDP  and to deliver in the country, or through an authorized representative .

Currency of Quotation

Quotations shall be quoted in USD

Joint Venture, Consortium or Association

If the Bidder is a group of legal entities that will form or have formed a Joint Venture (JV), Consortium or Association for the Bid, they shall confirm in their Bid that : (i) they have designated one party to act as a lead entity, duly vested with authority to legally bind the members of the JV, Consortium or Association jointly and severally, which shall be evidenced by a duly notarized Agreement among the legal entities, and submitted with the Bid; and (ii) if they are awarded the contract, the contract shall be entered into, by and between UNDP and the designated lead entity, who shall be acting for and on behalf of all the member entities comprising the joint venture, Consortium or Association.

Refer to Clauses 19 – 24 under Solicitation policy for details on the applicable provisions on Joint Ventures, Consortium or Association.

Only one Bid

The Bidder (including the Lead Entity on behalf of the individual members of any Joint Venture, Consortium or Association) shall submit only one Bid, either in its own name or, if a joint venture, Consortium or Association, as the lead entity of such Joint Venture, Consortium or Association.

Bids submitted by two (2) or more Bidders shall all be rejected if they are found to have any of the following:

a) they have at least one controlling partner, director or shareholder in common; or b) any one of them receive or have received any direct or indirect subsidy from the other/s; or

b) they have the same legal representative for purposes of this RFQ; or

c) they have a relationship with each other, directly or through common third parties, that puts them in a position to have access to information about, or influence on the Bid of, another Bidder regarding this RFQ process;

d) they are subcontractors to each other’s Bid, or a subcontractor to one Bid also submits another Bid under its name as lead Bidder; or

e) some key personnel proposed to be in the team of one Bidder participates in more than one Bid received for this RFQ process. This condition relating to the personnel, does not apply to subcontractors being included in more than one Bid.

Duties and taxes

Article II, Section 7, of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities provides, inter alia, that the United Nations, including UNDP as a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly of the United Nations, is exempt from all direct taxes, except charges for public utility services, and is exempt from customs restrictions, duties, and charges of a similar nature in respect of articles imported or exported for its official use. All quotations shall be submitted net of any direct taxes and any other taxes and duties, unless otherwise specified below:

All prices must:

☒ be exclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

Where VAT must be included, it must be separated from the product cost, and must be clearly marked  as VAT.


Language of quotation


Including documentation including catalogues, instructions and operating manuals.

Documents to be submitted

Bidders shall include the following documents in their quotation:

☒ Annex 2: Quotation Submission Form duly completed and signed

☒ Annex 3: Technical and Financial Offer duly completed and signed and in

accordance with the Schedule of Requirements in Annex 1

 ☒ Company Profile.

 ☒ Registration certificate;

 ☐ List and value of projects performed for the last 2 years plus client’s contact details who may be contacted for further information on those contracts;

☐ List and value of ongoing Projects with UNDP and other national/multi-national organization with contact details of clients and current completion ratio of each ongoing project;

☐ Statement of satisfactory Performance (Certificates) from the top 3 clients in terms of Contract value in similar field;




A sample will be required as part of the evaluation process


Please note that samples are non-returnable.


UNDP is not responsible for any customs clearance  for samples.


Address for samples delivery:


Focal Person: Benhilda Mainje

Address: Block 9, Arundel Office Park

Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe

NB: Samples are supposed to be delivered on DDP basis at UNDP Zimbabwe, Block 9 Arundel Office park, Norfolk Road, Harare and they should be to the Attention of Benhilda Mainje with the RFQ reference


Quotation validity period


Quotations shall remain valid for 120 days from the deadline for the Submission of Quotation.

In exceptional circumstances, UNDP may request the Vendor to extend the validity of the Quotation beyond what has been initially indicated in this RFQ.   The Proposal shall then confirm the extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the Quotation. 

Price variation

No price variation due to escalation, inflation, fluctuation in exchange rates, or any other market factors shall be accepted at any time during the validity of the quotation after the quotation has been received.

Partial Quotes

☒ Not permitted

☐ Permitted  On a lot by lot basis

Alternative Quotes

☒ Not permitted

☐ Permitted

If permitted, an alternative quote may be submitted only if a conforming quote to the RFQ requirements is submitted. Where the conditions for its acceptance are met, or justifications are clearly established, Click or tap here to enter text. reserves the right to award a contract based on an alternative quote. If multiple/alternative quotes are being submitted, they must be clearly marked as “Main Quote” and “Alternative Quote”

Payment Terms

☒ 100% within 30 days after receipt of goods, works and/or services and submission of payment documentation.

☐Other Click or tap here to enter text.

Conditions for Release of



☐ Passing Inspection [specify method, if possible]

☐ Passing all Testing [specify standard, if possible]

☐ Completion of Training on Operation and Maintenance [specify no. of trainees, and location of training, if possible

☒ Written Acceptance of Goods, Services and Works, based on full compliance with RFQ requirements

☐ Others [pls. specify]

Contact Person for correspondence, notifications and clarifications

E-mail address:



Requests for clarification from bidders will not be accepted any later than 3  days before the submission deadline. Responses to request for clarification will be communicated through email.

Evaluation method

☒The Contract or Purchase Order will be awarded to the lowest price substantially compliant offer

☐ Other Click or tap here to enter text.


Evaluation criteria

☒Full compliance with all requirements as specified in Annex 1

☒Full acceptance of the General Conditions of Contract


Right not to accept any quotation

UNDP is not bound to accept any quotation, nor award a contract or Purchase Order

Right to vary requirement at time of award

At the time of award of Contract or Purchase Order, UNDP reserves the right to vary (increase or decrease) the quantity of services and/or goods, by up to a maximum twenty-five per cent (25% ) of the total offer, without any change in the unit price or other terms and conditions.

Type of Contract to be awarded

☒ Purchase Order

Contract Face Sheet (Goods and-or Services) (this template is also utilised for Long-Term Agreement) and if an LTA will be signed, specify the document that will trigger the call-off. E.g., PO, etc.)

Contract for Works

☐ Other Type/s of Contract [pls. specify]

Expected date for contract award.

22 August 2022

Publication of Contract Award

UNDP will publish the contract awards valued at USD 100,000 and more on the websites of the CO and the corporate UNDP Web site.

Policies and procedures

This RFQ is conducted in accordance with UNDP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

UNGM registration

Any Contract resulting from this RFQ exercise will be subject to the supplier being registered at the appropriate level on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website at

The Bidder may still submit a quotation even if not registered with the UNGM, however, if the Bidder is selected for Contract award, the Bidder must register on the UNGM prior to contract signature.




Technical Specifications for Goods:

Item No.

Minimum technical requirements




1.Floppy Hats

Floppy hats – Full colour.

 Logos NAC, Plan & UNDP With a wide stiff/firm brim with contrast on brim.

Contrasting piping on crown with lining and curved top FD240FF 100% Cotton.

Message:MY BODY,MY RIGHT ;MY CHOICE on the front panel

  LOGOS for PLAN on the left panel,NAC &UNDP on the right                panel

 200 Large hats (59cm)









Khaki Hat with navy blue piping


2.Round Neck T-shirts

Branded Adult Round neck tshirts – D

Double round neck 100%cotton  180gsm

Shoulder matching patches with white contrastpiping on the frontmatching with the shoulders

Patch front shoulder panel with


Back Neck tape for sweat. message at the back.  PLAN Logo on the front left breast, NAC logo on the left sleeve and UNDP logo on the right sleeve (3 logos in full colour sreen printed) Message:HIV CAN BE PREVENTED! YOU AND ME HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY.

Colour: 500 T-shirts with Turquoise Blue main colour.
500 T - shirts with Navie Blue main Colour.
Sizes: 200 small; 300 medium; 400 large; 100 XL







Main colour Turquoise Blue

3.Round Neck T-shirts

Branded Adult Round neck tshirts - Double Round-Neck
100% cotton 210gsm,
Shoulder matching patches with white contrast
Piping on front matching the shoulders.
Patch front
Shoulder panel with contrast
Back Neck tape for sweat. message on the front lower right side in a splash (red contrast).  PLAN Logo on the front left breast, NAC logo on the left sleeve and UNDP logo on the right sleeve (3 logos in full colour sreen printed) Message:HIV CAN BE PREVENTED! YOU AND ME HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY.

Colour: 500 T-shirts with Turquoise Blue main colour.
500 T - shirts with Navie Blue main Colour.
Sizes: 200 small; 300 medium; 400 large; 100 XL






Main Colour Turquoise Blue



Branded adult Micro active fabric with side net
Contrast reflective piping
Elastic toggle back adjuster. Message on the front panel, Logo for PLAN on the left panel, UNDP and NAC logos on the roght panel. Message:MY BODY;MY RIGHT: MY CHOICE





Khakhi Hat with navy blue piping




Delivery Requirements

Delivery Requirements

Delivery date and time

Bidder shall deliver the goods within Three Weeks from P.O date after Contract signature.

Delivery Terms (INCOTERMS 2020)


Customs clearance

(must be linked to INCOTERM

☐ Not applicable

Shall be done by:

☒ UNDP (where applicable)or its appointed agent

☐ Supplier/bidder

☐ Freight Forwarder

Exact Address(es) of Delivery Location(s)

UN WFP Warehouse
91 Coventry Road


Distribution of shipping documents (if using freight forwarder)

Block 9, Arundel Office Park
Norfolk Road, Mt. Pleasant
Harare, Zimbabwe
Attn: Benhilda Mainje , PSM Associate
Tel: (+263-242) 338 836 – 44 Ext 261

Packing Requirements


Training on Operations and Maintenance


Warranty Period

Rights to content reserved to UNDP.

After-sales service and local service support requirements


Preferred Mode of Transport












Bidders are requested to complete this form, including the Company Profile and Bidder’s Declaration, sign it and return it as part of their quotation along with Annex 3: Technical and Financial Offer. The Bidder shall fill in this form in accordance with the instructions indicated. No alterations to its format shall be permitted and no substitutions shall be accepted.

Name of Bidder:

Click or tap here to enter text.

RFQ reference:

Click or tap here to enter text.

Date: Click or tap to enter a date.


Company Profile

Item Description


Legal name of bidder or Lead entity for JVs

Click or tap here to enter text.

Legal Address, City, Country

Click or tap here to enter text.


Click or tap here to enter text.

Year of Registration

Click or tap here to enter text.

Legal structure

Choose an item.

Are you a UNGM registered vendor?

☐ Yes  ☐ No                                                                     &nbs

Please note that this procurement process is being conducted through the online tendering system of UNDP. Bidders who wish to submit an offer must be registered in the system. Visit this page for system user guides and videos in different languages:

If already registered, go to and sign in using your username and password. Use "Forgotten password" link if you do not remember your password. Do not create a new profile.

If you have never registered in the system before, you can register by visiting the above link, sign in with username below, and follow the instructions in the user guide:
  • Username: event.guest
  • Password: why2change

If you are interested to participate in this Tender, it is strongly recommended that you log in and subscribe to the Tender using "Accept Invitation" feature so you can keep updated with Tender amendments including deadline. Note that in case of inconsistencies between information in eTendering system and other premises, information in eTendering system prevails.
If you are facing login issues or have any challenges with using the eTendering system, please consult the various user guides/videos in the link below or contact the procurement focal point managing the tender you are interested in.

Si encuentra problemas de acceso o tiene dificultades para utilizar el sistema de eTendering, por favor consulte las guías de usuario y los vídeos en el enlace que podrá encontrar más abajo, o contacte con la persona de referencia de la licitación en la que esté interesado en participar.

Si vous rencontrez des problèmes de connexion ou rencontrez des difficultés lors de l'utilisation du système eTendering, veuillez consulter les différents guides / vidéos de l'utilisateur fournis dans le lien ci-dessous ou contacter le point focal des achats gérant l'offre qui vous intéresse.