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Call for Proposal - Implementation of Finance Solutions in the Negros Island
Procurement Process :CP-QB-FBS - Call for Proposal – Quality Based Fixed Budget
Office :UNDP Country Office - PHILIPPINES
Deadline :07-Oct-22
Posted on :18-Sep-22
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Reference Number :95786
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Since 2014, the United Nations Development Program through its Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Project, has been supporting the Philippine Government in articulating the financial resources it needs to maintain a healthy biodiversity portfolio in-country. In particular, BIOFIN in collaboration with Department of Natural Resources Biodiversity Management Bureau has conducted the following assessments: 1) Policy and Institutional Review (PIR); 2) Public and Private Biodiversity Expenditure Review (PPBER); 3) Assessment of financial needs (cost and gap analysis of implementing Philippine Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP)). These assessments significantly contributed to the development of a Biodiversity Finance Plan.

Based on insights gained from the results of the three BIOFIN assessments, this Plan acknowledges the importance of tapping additional financing to support the biodiversity agenda of the Philippines, mainly through its National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP), referred to henceforth in this Plan as the Philippine Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP). This Plan is cognizant of the parallel challenges that could not be addressed by generating financing alone: thus, the Plan transcends the focus on generating additional resources and also identifies a range of “finance solutions” that leverage finance, fiscal and economic tools and strategies to improve the outcome of biodiversity objectives in the country. Financing solutions include a range of transformative actions: generating more financing to fund the PBSAP or associated planning documents; appropriate attribution of biodiversity expenditures in the budget; attaining cost effective budget execution by eradicating overlaps in biodiversity functions; eradicating expenditures that continue to or aggravate dissipation of biodiversity resources; and paving the groundwork for a responsive policy environment through greater awareness on biodiversity and biodiversity financing and enhancing institutional support towards monitoring of PBSAP.

In 2017, BIOFIN assisted in the preparation of the Negros Island Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NIBSAP) which identified provincial biodiversity priorities and targets. Alongside the plan, the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental developed their finance plans which listed several finance solutions for implementation. These include: a) accessing programs of national government agencies; b) private sector engagement; c) accessing financial benefits from ER 1-94; d) developing policies that will trigger biodiversity financing, and e) allocating local funds for biodiversity conservation. Both provinces have to some extent, been able to implement a number of these finance solutions.

Since 2018, the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental have consistently included in their provincial budget allocations for priority biodiversity conservation activities amounting to more than PhP30M.

The BMB has prioritized support for biodiversity-friendly enterprises (BDFE) being implemented in marine protected areas (MPA) and has identified several POs in these provinces implementing such. BMB envisions that these POs will be able to scale up their BDFEs to achieve sustainability both for their organizations and the MPAs. With the implementation of the Mandanas ruling in 2022, there is also a significant opportunity to direct a portion of the internal revenue allotment of these LGUs to its biodiversity priorities.


For the complete details, please see the attached Terms of Reference (ToR). (see attached)


Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission.

Applicants must submit their proposals through email to:

Attention: CFP-077-2022 – Finance Solutions

Proposal, with supporting documents, should be submitted by October 7, 2022.

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Other relevant information are available in the Call for Proposal document (see attached)

Only one submission per organization is allowed. Once the application is complete and submitted, revised versions of proposal documents will not be accepted.



below is an estimated timeline for this Call for Proposal:

19 September 2022 – 07 October 2022: Call for Proposal opens

07 October 2022, 5PM Manila (5am EST): Deadline for organizations to submit proposals under this Call.

10 October - 21, 2022: Assessment and selection processes will take place.

21 November 2022 (earliest): Selected applicant will be notified.

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In responding to this Call for Proposals, UNDP requires all Proposers to conduct themselves in a professional, objective and impartial manner, and they must at all times hold UNDP’s interests paramount. Proposers must strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own interests, and act without consideration for future work. All Proposers found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. Without limitation on the generality of the above, Proposers, and any of their affiliates, shall be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this solicitation process, if they:

1) Are or have been associated in the past, with a firm or any of its affiliates that have been engaged UNDP to provide services for the preparation of the design, Terms of Reference, cost analysis/estimation, and other documents to be used in this competitive selection process;
2) Were involved in the preparation and/or design of the programme/project related to the services requested under this Call for Proposals; or
3) Are found to be in conflict for any other reason, as may be established by, or at the discretion of, UNDP.

In the event of any uncertainty in the interpretation of what is potentially a conflict of interest,
proposers must disclose the condition to UNDP and seek UNDP’s confirmation on whether or not
such conflict exists.