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Building of WASH infrastructure in Freetown: 65 water kiosks and 15 public toilets
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :17-Feb-23
Posted on :14-Dec-22
Development Area :URBAN DEV’T.  URBAN DEV’T.
Reference Number :97314
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Non-UNDP Project
Documents :
RFP 97314 - Advertised - Final
Extension of Proposal submission deadline_31 Jan 2023
Extension of Proposal submission deadline to 17 Feb 2023
RFP 97314 Notice of Pre-Bid Conference _7 Feb 2023
Minutes of the Pre Bid Conference for RFP 97314
Overview :

Project Background:

Freetown is one of the most overcrowded cities in the world, with about 8,450 people per square km; about a third of the population lives in settlements where the density can be as high as ten times this figure. City-wide, access to water is a massive challenge, with the current public service only able to meet the demand of about 40% of the population. In some settlements, nearly all residents lack access to water most of the time, particularly in the dry season. About 80% of residents living off a daily wage (as traders, day laborer or peddlers, or by support from others), and move around the city streets on public transport and in markets relying on public sources of water for handwashing and drinking. One of the other vulnerabilities of the city is being that of the very limited capacity of the health system. This is making the need for reliance on prevention instead of treatment critical. With focusing on WASH, it is possible to work within the extent which includes persons with a level of vulnerability that directly impacts their response ability. This goes hand in hand with the national and local trend led by FCC development plan ʺ Transform Freetownʺ requirement, which is supporting WASH for vulnerable populations and areas in the City. Improved access to water with an emphasis on public spaces (i.e. schools) is essential for making possible handwashing and sanitation as a mean to lower transmission. Moreover, there is a strong plan requirement to prevent any additional crisis because of, among others, the lack of sufficient sanitary systems (e.g.: COVID-19); access to clean water in schools is a cornerstone in strengthening the sanitary system in Freetown and is therefore of high importance in response to higher the community readiness in terms of hygiene. “Transform Freetown” has been launched by FCC in January 2019 with a focus on 11 priority sectors divided into 4 clusters. FCC uses inclusive data-approach including multi-stakeholder working groups in conceptualizing the project and planning for its activities implementation, the priority sector “water” is within “healthy city cluster”. FCC and UNCDF agreed on Building of WASH infrastructure in Freetown: water kiosks and public toilets structures as one of the investments covered by Blue Peace Initiative within the priority sector “water”.


The objective of the assignment is to enhance the municipality’s resilience and facilitate access to water and sanitation by Building of WASH infrastructure in Freetown, in the form of water kiosks and public toilets.

Scope of Work

For both water kiosks and public toilets, works shall be carried out in the placements listed in Annex1 of the RFP according to drawings (drawings’ models are available in Annex 3 of the same RFP), technical specifications (Annex 2, RFP) and bills of quantities.

For full details, please see attached RFP.