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Procurement of 9 Infant transport incubators
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :01-Jul-23
Posted on :24-May-23
Development Area :HEALTH  HEALTH
Reference Number :97778
Link to Atlas Project :
Non-UNDP Project
Documents :
Transport Incubator_ITB_2302
Overview :

UNFPA CO Ukraine hereby solicits your Bid for the procurement of 9 Infant transport incubators as per attached ITB No.UNFPA/UKR/ITB/23/02.

If you are interested in submitting a bid for these items/services, kindly fill in the attached submission form and submit it in a sealed envelope to the address indicated below/send to the secure email address indicated below not later than: July 1, 2023.

Please ensure to mark your email (subject line) with the ITB reference number (UNFPA/UKR/ITB/23/02) and the words “Sealed bid. Do not open before July 2, 2023”.

Secure email address for bid submission:

Please ensure to mark your email with the ITB reference number.

Note: Do not submit or copy your bid/proposal to the contact person’s or any email address other than the secure email provided above!

Bidding shall be conducted through ONE envelope. The technical bid containing the technical specifications and the financial bid containing the price information shall be submitted together.

Partial bids are not allowed under this ITB.

Price of goods should include the delivery on DAP Kyiv basis.

Please find more information in the attached ITB file.