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ITB-804/18- Rehabilitation of Ibn Al Atheer Hospital Building, East Mosul, Ninewa Governorate
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :Country Office - IRAQ
Deadline :26-Feb-19
Posted on :31-Dec-18
Reference Number :52470
Link to Atlas Project :
00089459 - Funding Facility for Stabilization
Documents :
eTendering Manual-1
eTendering Manual-2
eTendering Manual-3
Q&A-No. 1
Q&A-No. 2
Site Visit report
Q&A-No. 3
Pre-bid Conference
Q&A-No. 4
Q&A-No. 5
ITB-Amendment No. 1
Q&A-No. 6
Q&A-No. 7
Q&A-No. 8
Q&A-No. 9
Overview :

Dear Bidders,


The purpose of this addendum is to amend the following Clauses and Sections of the ITB as per the following details:


  • The following documents have been included in the case:
  • BMS Point List
  • Technical Complaince Sheet-Mechanical
  • Technical Complaince Sheet-Generator
  • Technical Complaince Sheet-Power Cable
  • Technical Complaince Sheet-Transformer
  • Technical Specifications-Fuel Tank
  • Technical Specifications-Switchgear
  • Technical Specifications-Waste Water
  • Draings-Rehabilitation Stages


  • The following documents have been amended:
  • BOQ
  • Scope of Works
  • Drawings-AC and ME
  • Drawings-Arcitectural
  • Drawings-BMS
  • Drawings-Electrical
  • Drawings-Medical Gas
  • Drawings-Sanitary
  • Drawings-Structural
  • Technical Specifications-BMS and MCC
  • Technical Specifications-Transformer
  • Technical Specifications-Power Cable
  • Technical Specifications-All Specialties


  • Section 3 – Data Sheet – Deadline of Bid Submission (C.23): The new deadline of bid submission is 26 February 2019 as specified in the system (note that time zone indicated in the eTendering system is New York Time zone).


  • Section 4 – Evaluation Criteria – Minimum Qualification: Minimum of 2 similar contracts for rehabilitation/renovation/construction over the last 10 years (instead of 7 years). One of the similar contracts shall be rehabilitation/renovation/construction of hospital over the last 10 years (instead of 7 years) with minimum value of USD 5,000,000. For In case of JV the Lead Party shall meet the requirement of minimum 1 project similar in nature with a minimum value of US$5,000,000/-.


  • Section 4 – Evaluation Criteria – Previous Experience: List and value of projects performed for the last 10 years (instead of 7 years), plus client’s contact details who may be contacted for further information on those contracts. Statement of Satisfactory Performance from the Top two (2) Clients in terms of Contract Value for similar projects completed within last 10 years (instead of 7 years).


  • List and value of projects performed for the last 10 years (instead of 7 years), plus client’s contact details who may be contacted for further information on those contracts
  • D&B Report
  • Confirmation of availability of local agent for foreign bidders;



All other clauses and conditions shall remain unchanged. Only complete bid against this ITB will be considered for further evaluation. The bidders are reminded to submit all the required documents with its initial submission. Bid Submission Form and JV Agreement duly signed should be part of the initial submission.

Please be guided accordingly.

Important Note: Please note that a submission with the old BOQ will be rejected. The validity of bid security shall be minimum 150 days from the new submission deadline. A bid security with shorter validity will not be considered.

Thank you.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Bid to this Invitation to   Bid (ITB) for the above-referenced subject.


This ITB includes the following documents and the General Terms and Conditions of Contract which is inserted in the Bid Data Sheet:

Section 1: This Letter of Invitation

Section 2: Instruction to Bidders

Section 3: Bid Data Sheet (BDS)       

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria

Section 5: Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications

Section 6: Returnable Bidding Forms

  • Form A: Bid Submission Form
  • Form B: Bidder Information Form
  • Form C: Joint Venture/Consortium/Association Information Form
  • Form D: Qualification Form
  • Form E: Format of Technical Bid
  • Form F: Price Schedule
  • Form G: Form of Bid Security
  • Form G.1: Template for Bid Security Confirmation
  • Form H: Form of Performance Security


If you are interested in submitting a Bid in response to this ITB, please prepare your Bid in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this ITB and submit it by the Deadline for Submission of Bids set out in Bid Data Sheet.


In case your company is not registered in the E-Tendering Module, please use the following temporary username and password to register your company/firm:

Username: event.guest

Password: why2change


Bidders who will be registered on the e-tendering will be able to download the complete bidding documents from the e-tendering website at:


“Bidders can download the complete tender documentation from the e-Tendering upon registration”.


The Procurement notice includes the details of the UNDP focal persons and the emails provided are YAHOO and GMAIL accounts as per following details:


Site Visit Date and Time: Wednesday, 09 January 2019 between 10:00 a.m. till 02:00 pm

  1. Focal person (Civil Works): Anas Najm Fawzi;; +964 (0) 7506980444
  2. Focal person (Electrical Works): Ibrahim Rasul;; +964 (0) 7504532188
  3. Focal person (Mechanical Works): Mohsin Yaseen;; +964 (0) 7504821266


UNDP also intends to organize a pre-bid conference through Skype on 15 January 2019 from 11:00 till 12:00 (Iraq time). The interested bidders are requested to send their interest to the Focal Person in UNDP (DS No. 12) 2 days before pre-bid conference date.


If you need further information, please feel free to contact the following:

Focal Person in UNDP: Mehdi Khalili, Procurement Specialist

Address: UNDP, Iraq                                                                                                                 

E-mail address:


You may acknowledge receipt of this ITB utilize the “Accept Invitation” function in eTendering system, where applicable. This will enable you to receive amendments or updates to the ITB. Should you require further clarifications, kindly communicate with the contact person/s identified in the attached Data Sheet as the focal point for queries on this ITB. 


UNDP looks forward to receiving your Bid and thank you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.